Mario Is Mech-ing

Mario Is Mech-ing

Toy customiser Donald "kodykoala" Kennedy cut a giant Mario figure in half and used push pin 'rivets' to transform him into a massive metal monster. Mario's sacrifice was not in vain. The folks at my local retailer were trying to get rid of one of these massive plastic plumbers for a year. Every time I went in they'd suggest I buy it. Now I'm kinda bummed I didn't, though honestly I lack the time and skill to pull something like this off.

Mario Is Mech-ing

There's something incredibly amusing to me to see Yoshi going at Mario's guts with a wrench.

Mario Is Mech-ing

The detail here is amazing, from the blackwashed grimy look of all of the characters to the tiny warning signs.

Mario Is Mech-ing

Princess Peach wishes her pilot paramore luck as he heads off to battle the mighty Bowser Bot.

Meanwhile, off in a corner somewhere . . .

Mario Is Mech-ing

That's just cold, Donald.

Check out the flickr gallery for a better look at all the work that went into making a $35 plastic Mario toy into something spectacular.



    Super Mario Mecha?

    Super Mario Evangelion!

    Someone should reskin Liberty Prime like this. Would also be amusing to hear "ITSA ME, COMMUNISTS: MARIO!"

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