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Dragon Age: Inquisition's Final Story DLC Takes Place Two Years Later

So you and your companions saved the continent of Thedas from certain doom. What have you done for them lately? Find out in September 8’s Trespasser, a downloadable epilogue for Dragon Age: Inquisition that picks up two years after the main story ends.

Five Minutes Of Final Fantasy XV Driving (And Hair)

Final Fantasy XV, a game about the open road and expensive men’s haircare products, is out next year. Here is a trailer, courtesy of IGN, about a car, four dudes and “regalia”.

Disney Infinity 3.0: The Kotaku Review

I played the first Disney Infinity. Hated it. More importantly, my kids hated it too, because it had too many menus, janky controls and some tedious mission design. Yet here we are, having skipped the sequel, for Dadtaku purposes playing our way through Disney Infinity 3.0. Or as most kids will know it, “the Star Wars one”.

Destiny Nightfalls Are Getting A Total Overhaul

Destiny, a video game about crushing the hopes and dreams of Peter Dinklage, is changing in just about every possible way when the next expansion launches this September. Even Nightfall strikes are getting a total overhaul.

Rugby League Live 3 Isn't Looking Too Bad

It’s due out on September 10 and the latest footage looks … kind of good. Check it out for yourself.

So, I Fought The Boss With A Trillion Hit Points

I’ll admit, when I first heard the concept of a game where you fight a boss with a trillion hit points, I expected a fun tactical game with cutesy anime girls. What I didn’t expect was an emotional fist to the gut.

How Japan Censors Until Dawn's Most Disgusting Moment

If you don’t play your cards right, lots of people can die in Until Dawn. One such gory finish has been censored in Japan. But rather than modify the game (or death) in any way, the screen just cuts to black while all the nastiness goes down.

Old Cars Also Look Really Good In Project CARS

Car porn. Let’s be real here. The very best ‘realistic’ racing games usually do a great job of being car porn.

And usually car porn is about the latest and greatest. The newest and shiniest. But in the world of cars there is another fetish: that of the ‘classics’. Car fans love old cars just as much as they love new cars.

Capcom Nails Down Dates For Street Fighter V Beta

Briefly: After a busted first attempt and then some “stress tests”, Capcom has finally nailed down some dates for a proper Street Fighter V beta. It will start at 9am AEST on August 29 and run until 12am AEST on September 3.

Battlefield 4's Summer Patch Is Being Tested By Sony And Microsoft

If you’re keen as mustard and waiting eagerly for Star Wars: Battlefront, then the news that Battlefield 4 is still getting content might tide you over until November.

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