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Today's Destiny Daily Quest Is Also Full Of Secrets

Destiny, a video game in which players spend hours and hours dropping out of strike playlists, is still full of secrets. Today’s involves a little old place called the Vault of Glass.

Street Fighter 5's Next Beta Will Support 100,000 Players

Capcom have lifted the lid on the second phase of the Street Fighter 5 beta, and after the shenanigans and failures of their initial efforts it looks like they’re ready to give the PC, cross-play, and a whole lot of players a crack.

Star Wars: Battlefront Not Designed For Microtransactions

Given DICE’s willingness to allow microtransactions in the Battlefield series of the last few years, and EA’s growing fondness for the model, this is a surprising reversal.

Far Cry Primal Is Now Official -- Set In The Prehistoric Era

Far Cry Primal is now official — it’s set in the prehistoric era and will feature woolly mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers, as we reported yesterday. It will be out on February 23, 2016 for Xbox One and PS4, with a PC version to follow.

Nielsen Rates Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 As The Most Wanted Game For The Rest Of 2015

It probably makes sense when you think about how much money Call of Duty actually makes, although it’s probably not what I would have picked for overall community engagement.

NBA2K16's Spike Lee Joint Is Terrible, But I Still Love It

NBA2K16 is a mainstream sports video game, meaning its full of things like stats, complex controls and painstaking licensing. But it’s also home to something a lot more adventurous and potentially important: a role-playing game where you take a kid from high school to the NBA.

Destiny Players Discover Secret Raid Room That Nobody Can Solve

Late Friday night, someone wrote on the Destiny subreddit that there may be a secret room in the game’s newest raid, King’s Fall. He said he’d seen someone post about it on a Facebook group he was in. He even shared a video.

Rock Band 4 Is Pretty Great So Far. My Singing, Not So Much

Warning: Rock Band 4 may cause a person to sing Scandal’s “The Warrior” with an external mic active, upload the resulting video to the internet and post it on Kotaku along with their initial impressions of the game. I’m so sorry.

Stephen Colbert Suitably Awed By No Man's Sky

As demonstrated by his Pewdiepie interview earlier this week, Stephen Colbert’s new stint as the host of The Late Show gives him a chance to touch on topics his old gig couldn’t, like video games we wish we could just play already, dammit.

Ex-Metroid Prime Developers Announce New Game

Armature, the studio run by ex-Metroid Prime developers, has announced a second new game for 2016 — a top-down arcade shooter called Dead Star that supports 10v10 multiplayer. It’ll be on PC and PS4 early in the new year.

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