Bloodborne, Beaten In Just 44 Minutes

When I finished Bloodborne on Sunday afternoon, my playtime was 46 hours, 21 minutes, and 13 seconds. The current world record is, well, way faster. How much faster? It’s 44 minutes!

Axiom Verge: The Kotaku Review

Yes, I gained a new ability! Now where the hell do I use it?

Item-Duping Glitch Makes Bloodborne Way Easier, Kinda Ruins The Game

There’s a ridiculous exploit in Bloodborne that lets you make more of any stackable item. Here’s how to do it.

Destiny Players Are Trying To See The Future

Hardcore Destiny players don’t just wait around for updates from Bungie about the game. Armed with specialised knowledge of how game files work, some Destiny players try to predict what’s going to happen before Bungie actually makes any changes.

A Bloodborne Drinking Game

It’s the weekend. Many of you will be playing Bloodborne. Some of you will be drinking. Why not combine the two?

The Argument Over Whether A Bloodborne Exploit Is Cheating

Bloodborne is a difficult game, no doubt. If look closely, though, there are ways to make it easier. Boss exploits — aka cheesing — are the stuff of legend in Souls games, but is that cheating?

Bloodborne Patch Is Coming Next Week

Briefly: Bloodborne players, make sure you don’t summon or invade anyone during the game’s Forbidden Woods section! Right now, doing so will prevent you from acquiring a crucial progression item, the Lunarium Key. Sony says a patch is coming next week.

Bloodborne's Hilarious Physics Lead To Some Unexpected Results

All of the Souls games, Bloodborne included, have included hilarious rag doll physics for the enemies, which adds a welcomed slice of humour to an otherwise dark and difficult game.

You Can Finally Suspend Games On PS4 Now

Sony released a new firmware patch for the PS4 today, and with it, the suspend/resume feature promised way back in February of 2013 is finally here.

Bloodborne Players Are Killing Themselves In The Most Unlikely Place

It goes without saying that people playing Bloodborne are going to die a lot. It’s a tough game. But to die in the game’s one “safe” area?