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Batman, What Did You Do To This Guy?

Today on Highlight Reel we have bad guys turned into grotesque monsters, Rocket League assists, drunk missiles and much more!

The Bizarre Rules Of JRPGs Deconstructed In 4 Minutes

All genres have their tropes, though few stick quite so religiously to them as JRPGs. From spiky-haired protagonists with swords larger than they are tall, to villagers with strangely exposition-heavy dialogue, even the most original games rely on the tried-and-true formula. In this video, CollegeHumor pokes fun at some of the more prominent clichés.

Rocket League Patch Takes Aim At Quitters

Ahead of next month’s DLC, the first Rocket League patch is live, and it brings some vital fixes.

PlayStation Owners Can Soon Vote On PS Plus Games

It’s called Vote to Play, and I’ve gotta admit, it’s pretty cool. There are some catches, of course.

Rocket League's Getting Its First DLC And Update Next Month

Rocket League‘s getting its first DLC and update next month, with paid and free content. You don’t have to pay for spectator mode, the Utopia Coliseum map, or the new new flags, music, and fireworks. New cars, boosts, wheels, paint types, and trophies will cost you a few bucks. There’s no specific release date yet.

Evel Knievel Is Jealous, GTA Stunt Guy

Today on Highlight Reel we have last-second Rocket League saves, really cool GTA stunts, floating Grim Fandango NPCs and much more!

Tri-Ace And Spike Chunsoft's New RPG Realises A Decade-Old Dream

You’re caught in an explosion, your fiancée, in her dying breath, tells you she can’t stand you, then you die and wake up in a strange land as the vessel for the soul of an evil god… How dandy.

The Witcher 3 Vs. Dragon Age: Inquisition: The Comparison We Had To Make

In the last half a year or so, we’ve gotten not one but two epic western fantasy RPGs in the form of Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It’s only natural that we’d want to compare them.

LEGO Shows DC How Parallel Universe Battles Are Done

This five second clip from the story trailer for LEGO Dimensions is more entertaining that 75 per cent of DC Comics’ massive universe-clashing, office-moving Convergence event.

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