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Metal Gear Solid V Definitive Edition Sneaks Out This Spring

On October 11 in the US and October 13 in Europe, Konami is re-releasing MGSV Ground Zeroes along with The Phantom Pain and both games’ DLC.

People Have Already Reviewed The PS4 Slim

The revision of the PlayStation 4 hasn’t even been officially announced, but that hasn’t stopped people from buying, unboxing, playing with, and reviewing the console already.

Gran Turismo Sport Has Been Delayed To 2017

The latest iteration of the Gran Turismo series won’t be hitting digital and real-world store shelves until next year, with the developers requiring more time to avoiding compromising “the experience in any way”.

Project Diva X Makes Up For Its Short Song List With Story And Substance

With fans anxiously awaiting word on whether Sega plans to bring the 224 song monster that is Project Diva Future Tone to the West, why should they bother with the measly 30 tracks in Hatsune Miku Project Diva X? Because this one’s got more actual game in it.

Battlefield 1 Beta Codes Are Being Sent Out

While there aren’t a great deal of big games releasing this week, one of this year’s biggest is having a beta. That game is Battlefield 1, and codes have started going out for the open beta as of now.

Dead Or Alive VR Is ... Yup

Pretty much what you’d expect, really.

Here's 20 Minutes From Watch Dogs 2

Hey, remember that Watch Dogs is getting a sequel? If you didn’t, here’s 20 minutes of footage to jog your memory.

Why Final Fantasy XV Was Recently Delayed

As Kotaku first reported, Final Fantasy XV was delayed earlier this month. It will now be released in late November. (Fingers crossed!) If you were wondering why, director Hajime Tabata recently shed some light on the situation.

Vita Exclusives Are My Favourite Part Of The PlayStation 4

I was two years late to the PlayStation 4 party. It’s always hard for me to justify buying a new console, especially one that’s marketed to more “hard-core” gamers. Luckily I’ve found plenty of gems to play with my lovely matte parallelogram.

The Best (And Worst) Console Redesigns

It’s not uncommon for home and handheld consoles to get a drastic makeover in the years after their launch. Sometimes even after they have begun playing second fiddle to a new more powerful sibling.

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