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Infamous: Second Son's New Photo Mode Is A Blast

We’ve already pretty well established that Infamous: Second Son is a really nice-looking game. Wouldn’t it be cool if we had an easy way to freeze the game in action and really drink in all those shiny graphics?

The Walking Dead's Second Season Comes To PS Vita Next Week

The second season of The Walking Dead, Telltale Games’ renowned episodic adventure game, is coming to the PlayStation Vita next Tuesday, April 22, Sony announced this morning. In other words: if you have a Vita and you haven’t already started playing this phenomenal game, plan to set aside a few hours next week.

10 Things You Might Have Missed In Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls II is a huge game. Even its world hub, Majula, has easter eggs in every corner that are really easy to miss. Some might be easy to discover, some need NG+10 to be unlocked (good luck). YouTuber Vaati’s here to demonstrate his findings with a cool video.

Upcoming PS4 Update Introduces Beefy Video Editor, Pre-Loaded Games

Quality of life improvements for the avid video sharers and dedicated game pre-orderers of the PS4 community are on the way. For video sharing, the upcoming 1.70 update will introduce SHAREfactory.

Terraria's Massive 1.2 Update Arrives Today

Dust off your copy of Terraria, console gamers, ’cause the massive 1.2 update for the game’s Vita, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions lands today. The change notes for the free patch are here; it’s quite the read.

Infamous: Second Son Update Drops Tomorrow With Surprise Photo Mode

Remember that nifty update for Infamous: Second Son we were promised at the beginning of the month? It arrives tomorrow, and it’s bringing a friend along to help document the occasion.

The Final Piece Of DLC For Borderlands 2 Is Now Out

The final piece of DLC for Borderlands 2 is now out — the base game was released over one and a half years ago, on 18 September 2012. Even ignoring the extra costumes, BL2 managed to amass quite the hefty amount of DLC packs during that time.

Check Out The 20 New Songs In Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd

The newest music game filled with the songs of Hatsune Miku and her Vocaloid pals hit shelves in Japan a few weeks back. And as you would expect, Project Diva F 2nd comes with a load of songs — 20 of which are new to the games. So let’s give them a listen.

A Complete Guide To Dark Souls II's Most Useful Skill

There’s no offence like a good defence, particularly when it comes to a game like Dark Souls II. And anyone who’s fought other people in Dark Souls II knows that parrying your enemies attacks is a clutch skill. Luckily, there’s a video for you.

New Call Of Duty DLC Has Snoop Dogg Announce Your Kills

Wait, what? A few things. Why does this exist and why didn’t this already exist? Regardless of the answers to these pressing questions, Call of Duty: Ghosts now officially has the best announcer in all of first-person shooters.