Destiny's Atheon Is Still A Big, Dumb Idiot

Video: Bungie may have patched out that one technique that let you push Atheon off the back of the stage, but intrepid Destiny players are still finding ways to cheese their way through the final boss of the Vault of Glass raid.

People Aren't Crazy About The Latest 'Fix' To Destiny's Toughest Boss

There’s a long-running joke amongst gamers and developers: It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! Usually it’s a self-aware joke — some bug or glitch disrupts the game either visually or even functionally, but it’s sometimes entertaining enough to keep in or consider a part of the experience. For once, I find myself telling that joke with a straight face. That teleporting trick in Destiny‘s final raid boss fight? It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

I Wish This Is Actually How They Made PS4s

To help sell the fancy Metal Slime edition of the PS4, Sony has released this Japanese commercial. And it’s fantastic.

Three Weeks Later, DriveClub Still Doesn't Work Properly

On October 7, Sony released the racing game Driveclub for PlayStation 4. Today, October 28, the game still doesn’t work as intended — and Sony still hasn’t said a word about refunding the folks who paid $US60 for it.

One Cheapo Accessory Made My PS4 Controller Way Better

I really like Sony’s DualShock 4 controller. I use it a lot, both for playing games on PS4 and also, lately, for PC games. But there is one aspect I’m not wild about: those slippery thumbsticks.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Destiny

I’ve played way too many hours of Destiny, and I still hadn’t pieced together a lot of the intricacies of both its story and gameplay.

PS4's New Share Play Feature Actually Works

Having seen PS4′s new Share Play in action, the response from a room of journalists was firstly “it actually works,” closely followed by “how are people going to abuse this?”

The PS4's Standby Mode Is No More

Briefly: It’s now called “Rest Mode.” There’s even a new little graphic that displays when the PS4 is going to sleep. So peaceful!

How You'll Share Your PS4 Games With Friends Who Don't Own Them

Starting on October 28, you’ll be able to share your games with friends — even if they don’t own them. We’d heard about a feature called ‘Share Play’ before, but now you get a chance to see it in action.