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Madden's Greatest Highlight Player Retired From The NFL Today

In 2010, a guy by the name of Demetry James uploaded a video he made while he and some buddies were playing Madden. It went on to become the most famous highlight clip that video game series has ever seen.

Gal*Gun: Double Peace Is Exactly What It Looks Like [NSFW]

Gal*Gun: Double Peace is a game about firing your “pheromone shot” at love-crazed anime schoolgirls until they collapse in ecstasy and disappear. Armed with that knowledge, nothing in this video should surprise you.

Telltale Is Giving Its Games The Jackbox Treatment

For most people, Telltale games aren’t a solo experience. They’re something you share with your family and friends, even if the input is strictly single-player only.

So at Comic Con on the weekend, Telltale confirmed that they were turning that social experience into a feature — for every Telltale game going forward.

Alleged Use Of 'Superformula' In No Man's Sky Is A 'Non-Story', Says Developer

There was some legal noise a few days ago that Hello Games’ ambitious title No Man’s Sky may have incorporated a so-called, patented “Superformula” into its procedural generation code. Managing director Sean Murray has addressed the situation on Twitter, describing it as a “non-story”.

Wonder Woman's Pissed Off In The New Trailer For Injustice 2

Video: Happy 75th Anniversary, Diana. Feel free to kick everyone’s butt.

Overwatch's Lucio Quietly Got A Big Buff

Game updates are weird. Sometimes developers don’t mention major changes because… well, I don’t really know. Depends on the game and the change. In Overwatch’s case, Lucio is now much better at both being a skater boy and saying see you later boy.

Australia Is Getting Included In The NBA 2K Series

You can’t really blame 2K for not including the Australian national team earlier, but now that the first draft pick this year was an Australian I suppose we finally have enough players in the NBA to justify doing it.

It's Not A Campaign, But At Least Battlefront Has Bots Now

The Star Wars Battlefront reboot might not have the proper singleplayer campaign everyone wants. And it definitely doesn’t have the superb Galactic Conquest mode. But as of this week, it does have one thing that makes it better: bots.

Call Of Duty Robots Doesn't Look As Fun As Call Of Duty In Space

Part of the reason why I’m so excited for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is the space element. It’s doing the thing that the best Call of Duty singleplayer campaigns do — that is be Call of Duty, but with a bit of a twist.

This new Call of Duty mission? Not so much.

Sony Is The Only Remaining Obstacle To PS4-Xbox Cross-Play

In recent days, the developers behind Rocket League and The Witcher 3 have both called for Sony to break down the walls separating PlayStation Network and Xbox Live and allow cross-platform multiplayer.

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