The Witcher 3 Has Some Great Glitches

On today’s episode of Highlight Reel (back from our short vacation!) we have legless zombies, fast car crashes, headless peasants, and more Witcher clips than you can shake a stick at.

Two Years Later, Sony's '#JRPGVita' Campaign Is A Bust

On June 6, 2013, Sony director of strategic content Shahid Ahmad wrote on Twitter that the company was looking to bring more Japanese role-playing games to the Vita.

What Happens When Dark Souls 2 Bosses Duel Each Other?

YouTube user Benzoin-Gum used the powers of the Dark to pit Dark Souls 2’s bosses against each other in a Drangleic celebrity deathmatch. The result? A lot of clipping, a lot of poise, and very little defence.

Far Cry 4 Is My Favourite 2014 Game Of 2015

I nearly gave up on Far Cry 4. I recently recovered from that mistake.

Better Tips For Playing The Witcher 3

We had a tips article go live a few days ago, and there were some decent ones in there, but it was quite basic. One or two were outright wrong. Here are some tips for those wanting a little more.

Bungie Says It's Punishing Destiny Trials Of Osiris Cheaters

Last week, a new Destiny event called Trials of Osiris went live. It was a big deal: heaps of players participated in the event, in the hopes of winning cool new gear, or to gain access to a special exclusive new social hub. Some people wanted these rewards so badly, however, that they resorted to cheating.

Here Is Some Excellent Box Art

It’s Hotline Miami and its sequel, bundled together and sold on the Vita in Japan.

Why You Should Play The Witcher 3 On Easy

You spend a lot of time in combat in The Witcher 3. Trouble is, the combat isn’t that good. Youtuber Joab Gilroy (best known as The Gentleman Bandit in DayZ) goes through the details of why the combat is the way it is, and follows that logic through with the conclusion that playing on Easy is the best option, core gamer or not.

Modern Warfare 2 Deserves More Credit

Call of Duty is not supposed to be good, so the idea goes, especially not Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The sixth Call of Duty has been described as a jingoistic mess, a Michael Bay-esque cacophony of nonsensical story bits, a mere shooter that couldn’t — shouldn’t — try to be anything more. “It’s Call of Duty” has become its own insult. This is a mistake.

Final Fantasy VII's Cosmo Canyon, Redrawn

Dayshot: Final Fantasy VII‘s Cosmo Canyon, the home of Red XIII and his tribe, has been redrawn beautifully by Tumblr user hot-fish. Here’s the full pic below, with Bugenhagen’s observatory on top of the staircase labyrinth looking at the moon in the distance.