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Make Your Own Retro Console Inside A NES Cartridge

Cartridges really have stood the test of time, haven’t they.

One Of The Greatest Golfing Icons, Arnold Palmer, Passes Away Aged 87

The legendary golfer and course designer Arnold Palmer has passed away on Sunday aged 87.

Here's A Dota 2 Trick If You Like Being Generous

You know how at the start of some games you can ban a hero? Here’s a tip. Ban Venomancer. Because if you don’t, things could get real annoying.

Somebody Made A Text-Based MMO About Hacking

Hackmud, or h a c k m u d if you want to be technically accurate, isn’t exactly the kind of game with a mass appeal. It’s about hacking, entering scripts, interpreting programming logic and making sure people don’t stab you in the back.

So it’s basically the game for anybody who ever enjoyed Hacknet or Uplink.

Win! Flights And A Trip To PAX Australia, Thanks To Magic: The Gathering Kaladesh

As the Magic fans among you are no doubt aware, the new Kaladesh set is close to release. September 30 is the official date, but there’s already pre-release taking place right now.

To celebrate that launch Wizards of the Coast wants to send two people to PAX Australia. Flights, accommodation and tickets will be included.

All you need to do to enter?

Invent your own vehicle Magic card.

Marvel Delayed Doctor Strange For Benedict Cumberbatch

Doctor Strange wasn’t supposed to be launching this late in the year: it was originally slated for the middle of the year. But in a new interview, Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that Marvel wanted him to play the role so badly that they bumped the movie’s release.

I'm Losing Constantly In Dota 2 And Somehow Still Having Fun

“You are the most useless shitstain of a support I have ever encountered. Please, for the love of God, uninstall.”

This isn’t even the most remotely abusive line directed at me over the last few weeks as I’ve been stubbornly journeying through the cesspool that is Dota 2’s ranked play. It hasn’t been a successful trip, with my matchmaking rating plunging into some truly miserable depths. And despite the losses, and the agony of the people I’ve encountered, I’m somehow enjoying myself.

Minecraft Realms Will Have Cross-Play For All Platforms

Slowly but surely, we’re moving into a true cross-play world.


How is everyone? Have a good weekend? Feel nice and refreshed? Sharp as a tack?

You’ll want to be. It’s ScribbleTaku time, and I’m feeling devilish.

Deals: Master The Language Behind Every Web Browser

When it comes to web development, few languages are as prolific as JavaScript. If you’re looking to make a living building websites, stop what you’re doing and start learning with the Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle, on sale for just $33.19 AUD [$25 USD].

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