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Don't Mess With This Motorised Patriot

The Motorised Patriot is one of the bigger baddies in Bioshock Infinite — and it turns out they’re no less intimidating in real life.

App Deals: Lego Lord Of The Rings Is Just 99c On Android

Today’s best deals include LEGO Lord Of The Rings for Android, Tsuro for iOS and Photosmile for Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

AMD's New Radeon RX 480: Built For VR, Half The Price Of Nvidia

At its Computex 2016 press conference, AMD has taken the wraps off its brand new Radeon RX 480 graphics card: a brand new 14-nanometre chip designed for 2016 and 2017’s most demanding games and virtual reality graphics. It’s a card designed to compete with Nvidia’s mid-range GTX 1070 and previous-generation GTX 970/980, but at a fraction of the price. AMD says its new cards will be out by the end of June at a price of $US199.

How I Became A Baker In An Online Medieval Combat Game

Reign Of Kings is a medieval-themed survival game that’s been in full release for about five months. It’s improved since its spotty Early Access period, but still far from perfect. Still, with its odd mix of Game of Thrones-style power struggles and incredibly satisfying building, it’s created a world where even bakers can rise to power

Battleborn On PC Is Dying, And Not Slowly

The stars were never really aligned for Gearbox Software’s ‘hero shooter’, MOBA-esque Battleborn. Between a generic and all too forgettable name, a release that coincided far too closely with the overpowering hype of Blizzard’s similar offering in Overwatch and a price that people just aren’t used to paying for MOBA-style games, Battleborn really isn’t doing well.

Static Podcast: The Future Of Cross-Platform Gaming

Static is back for a third season! In episode one we share our favourite tech pranks, ask can a relationship survive different videogame preferences, vent about annoying Facebook groups and we answer your question about cross-platform gaming.

Plus we interview Bioscientist and Medicinal Cannabis Advocate Dr Stuart Washer.

Watch the expanded show in video or subscribe to the audio feed via iTunes and Pocket Casts.


I enjoyed drawing ScribbleTaku on my son’s etch-a-sketch so much that I’m gonna buy one for the office. Post-it notes are trash.

But for now, we’re all just going to have to deal.

Deals: Get Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth for 50% off retail

Explore the final frontier and colonize an alien planet with Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth – The Collection. This exciting simulation game, available for both Mac and Linux computers, can be purchased by Kotaku Australia readers for only $42 AUD [$29.99 USD], a savings of 50% off RRP.

The Best Thing About Virtual Reality Is Showing Other People

Two weeks ago, my consumer model of the Oculus Rift arrived. I am enjoying myself.

I am enjoying the games and the experiences. The flaws of the technology are there and I’m aware of them.

The Big Question: Would You Buy Another Handheld Console?

I love handheld consoles. I loved the PS Vita and I loved loved loved the 3DS.

But I’m wondering if Sony will ever make a handheld console again? And I’m wondering what the NX will even look like. Will it combine home consoles and handhelds in a way we’re not used to?

Is the standalone handheld console dead in the water?

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