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As sports fans will be well aware, the Australian Open tennis grand slam is currently playing host to a lot of athletes busy either underperforming, not giving a shit or confounding expectations entirely.

So what does a fan do when things aren't going to plan on the court? You make your own virtual player and beat the snot out of everyone. And to help you rectify the errors and on-court apathy, here's the best virtual recreations of tennis in video games.


Bad luck everyone: you all failed to guess Friday and Monday's game. It was Mario Party 2: the original drawing was from the stadium where one of the mini-games was played, while the second drawing was one of the spots where you could land on the board.

Maybe that was a little too hard. Let's see how you all go today.


Congratulations - it's a short working week! For some people, their work week ends on Wednesday. Others will be back for a (fairly casual) Friday, like myself. But whatever your working schedule, most people will be enjoying Australia Day with friends, family and food.

And because it's Australia Day, there's no better time to grab a BBQ and torch the living snot out of some meat and veg.


Last year, the unthinkable happened. I was in Taipei for Computex. I'd just walked into a group press conference ready to take notes and transcribe. I opened up my Macbook Air and ... half the screen was blank. In between interviews, my screen died.

So like many people, I waited most of 2016 hoping Apple would announce a serviceable replacement for the Macbook Air. But they never did. So over the last month, I've been using Razer's similarly-priced answer: the latest Razer Blade Stealth laptop.


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Friday's game was a little too tricky, it seems. So here's another image from the same game to help you all out.