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The Secret, Yet Simple Maths Behind Doom's Super Shotgun

A few months back, a coder with some spare time dived into Doom‘s random number generator and tweaked a few things, with the results not what you’d expect. The super shotgun had the strangest behaviour of all — the changes should have made it broken-strong, but instead it was much weaker. So what magical numbers powered the super shotty? Back into the code we go.

Want To Get Into The New Dungeons & Dragons? Get The Core Book For Cheap

If you’ve been wanting to get your teeth, claws or magic missiles into the latest iteration of Dungeons & Dragons, otherwise known as 5th Edition, it can be hard to grab the core rulebook for a decent price. While it’s hard to get it for US-equivalent costs, the Book Depository does have it available for a rather reasonable $42.

The Source Code For This Game Fits Inside A Single Tweet

If the popularity of game jams is anything to go by, indie game coders love the chance to flex their programming and creative skills. So when Aussie dev Ben Porter last week issued the challenge to fit a game inside a single tweet, he got a fair number of replies, including this strangely addictive effort from a guy by the name of Alex Yoder.

If Skyrim And Dark Souls Had A Baby...

Skyrim and Dark Souls came out roughly around the same time. I remember it well. There wasn’t a rivalry between the two games but I do remember that a lot of players felt as though Skyrim was taking attention away from the superior fantasy-themed RPG.

But imagine if they were one and the same?

App Deals: Discounted iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Apps

Today’s best deals include Total Launcher on Android, Star Walk 2 on iOS and Flappy Geek on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

Street Fighter Influenced Real Life Fighters, And Now They're Influencing Street Fighter

It makes perfect sense when you think about it. A generation of martial artists that grew up with Street Fighter. Of course they’re going to copy the characters they once played in video games.

Last Night Australia Was Haunted By A Bloodborne Moon

Last night I left the office at around 5.40pm. I don’t usually get on the ferry, but I was heading to Milson’s Point and it was quicker than a train. I looked into the sky and lurking behind a perfectly positioned set of clouds was the most perfectly orange moon I have ever seen. I came pretty damn close to pulling my holy blade out of my satchel and wrecking shit at Luna Park.

Remember This?

Poita says he only ever guesses the Spectrum/Old Arcade games, which is just perfect because that’s my go-to when I feel like I really need to bamboozle you all. DAMN YOU POITA.

Tech Deals: Save $40 On Apple iPads, $20 Off Kaiser Baas Action Cameras And More!

Any way you get your kicks — whether it’s filming your life with an action camera, rocking out to some floor-shaking tunes at full volume, or relaxing with a new iPad — Dick Smith has you covered with this week’s tech deals.

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

July is usually the lightest month on the gaming calendar — therefore it’s the perfect chance to play catch up on games you may have otherwise ignored. Me? I’m playing three games this weekend: Batman: Arkham Knight, Splatoon and Her Story.