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Remember This?

I would have gotten away with it as well, if it wasn’t for that damn Beavwa! Yes, congratulations, you are correct. Yesterday’s Remember This was indeed Hitman 2. That was a very, very good guess. Nicely done.

Off Topic: Eliminate One Movie From History

Imagine, if you will, that you have been given the ability to wipe one single movie from history and our collective memories, which cinematic catastrophe would you choose? Which movie was so offensive/terrible/insulting that you wish it could simply disappear from this universe?

This GIF Represents The Destiny Player I Want To Be

Despite being — in my own estimation — a little bit good at Halo, my skills have sadly not transferred to Destiny, where I have the K/D ratio of a soggy wet dog-turd. This is the GIF of the Destiny player I want to be. Basically I want to be this person. In a video game.

Talk Amongst Yourselves

Welcome to Talk Amongst Yourselves, AKA ‘TAY’. Organise meet-ups, talk about games, talk about anything you want! Consider this the unofficial Kotaku Australia forum. Become a TAYbie today and join the best and friendliest community on the internet!

I Want To Live In This Sexy Minecraft Apartment

Last Friday I posted about this incredible Minecraft city. This glorious looking apartment feels as though it belongs in that city. I would like to live in the apartment. I fear I could not afford an apartment like this in real life.

Are Games Becoming Less Mainstream? Where The Hell Is My Next-Gen 'Buzz!'?

“Remember Buzz!?”

Someone said that to me on Friday night. My extended family came to my house to visit, we were eating dinner. Seven years ago, I have no doubt, we would have finished that dinner, busted out those wired Buzz! controllers and buzzed the night away.

Remember This?

Man, I thought Friday’s image might be the one that sealed the deal on an epic Remember This. But sadly none of you could guess it correctly. It was Def Jam: Fight For NY. I want to give a shout out to jaded_buddha who cam extremely close by guessing its predecessor Def Jam: Vendetta.