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Watch Us Play Battlefield 1 Now

As you would have seen last night, codes for the Battlefield 1 beta have been going out. They were sent to those who registered for Battlefield Insider, giving those lucky gamers an opportunity to play a day ahead of the open beta — which starts tomorrow.

Fortunately, we’ve got a key and we’re playing now. So if you want to see what the game looks like in the flesh, jump on in.

ASUS's New ROG Strix Laptop Is Gaming First, Everything Else Second

With every generation of processors, graphics cards, hard drives, the industry gets closer and closer to the holy trinity for laptops: a reasonable price for desktop-level power with a minuscule profile.

And thankfully, times have changed. For the better. You still pay a premium for laptops, but the performance you get for that price has improved, as the latest gaming laptop from ASUS shows.

Humble's Sierra Bundle Is Much Better Value Than Steam

Even though the games had been around on Good Old Games for few years, some people steadfastly refuse to purchase anything until it’s on Steam. So the news that a suite of old Sierra adventures had finally jumped the digital divide to Valve’s platform was weclomed by quite a few of you.

And as well it should — Sierra made a lot of great adventures in its time. But if you saw the prices and thought, “Hm, that’s not for me,” then I have good news. All those Sierra classics are now in a Humble Bundle, and it’s cracking good value.

People Have Already Reviewed The PS4 Slim

The revision of the PlayStation 4 hasn’t even been officially announced, but that hasn’t stopped people from buying, unboxing, playing with, and reviewing the console already.


It took just over an hour, but snowee was the first to pick yesterday’s floating head as Neuromancer. Not the novel, but the 1990 interactive adventure based on the classic Willam Gibson novel. Fun game, if you could deal with the frustrations around specific operators.

Today’s a new scribble, and it’s another interoffice special. Let’s see how you go.

Deals: Name Your Price For These 9 Cutting-Edge Programming Courses

The best programmers in the industry are constantly refining their skills to stay ahead of the curve. And with the Pay What You Want: Programming Into the Future Bundle, you can master the latest programming tools — all for a price you pick.

The Big Question: World War 1 Or World War 2?

Video games like covering the time of war. That’s not much of a surprise. For about a decade it felt like that was the only time period shooters wanted to cover.

But which is more interesting to cover? The Great War or World War 2?

Honest Trailers Annihilates Batman: The Killing Joke

Out of all the comics featuring the Joker, Batman: The Killing Joke is one of the best and the most controversial. Warner Bros’ recent animated adaptation of The Killing Joke, however, is certainly controversial. But not because it’s good.

Gran Turismo Sport Has Been Delayed To 2017

The latest iteration of the Gran Turismo series won’t be hitting digital and real-world store shelves until next year, with the developers requiring more time to avoiding compromising “the experience in any way”.

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