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Bronwyn Bishop Just Got Her Very Own Video Game

In politics only one thing is certain: if you screw up someone is going to create a video game about it. Tony Abbott knows it, Joe Hockey knows it, and Bronwyn Bishop is about to bear the brunt of another quickly made flash game highlighting one unavoidable fact: she screwed up.

The Best Australian Counter-Strike Teams Are A Joy To Behold

As you may or may not be aware, the EASA AU Open Ladder for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive wrapped up last night. Top Australian team Dire Wolves faced off against Team Molotov in a best of three series to for the title of best Counter-Strike team in Australia. Now you can watch all three matches and marvel at some seriously top-level competitive play.

Remember This?

I thought you guys and girls would wrap up yesterday’s Remember This super quickly, but it took a little longer than expected!

Multiplayer Games Where It's Okay To Suck

There’s a man in our office, let’s call him Danny. Because his name is actually Danny.

Mario And Zelda, Together At Last

Super Mario Sunshine hacking is crazy. But I wasn’t ready for this level of crazy. This hack places Mario into Outset Island from Wind Waker. It’s a bizarre mixture of confusion and cool.

We Talk About The Witcher 3's Awesome Quests

The Witcher 3. It just won’t leave us alone. It won’t get out of our heads.

WIndows 10 Launches Today, Here's Everything You Need To Know

Windows 10 launches today and it’s a super massive update. What do you need to know?

They Helped Make Destiny, Now They're Making A VR Game About Jumping Really High.

They worked on Destiny, now they are not working on Destiny. Now this group of talented ex-Bungie developers are Endeavor One, a studio dedicated to high-end VR games with great production values.

They are making a brand new game called Jump. Jump a game about jumping really high. In VR.

Talk Amongst Yourselves

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