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Here Is The Final Batman V Superman Trailer!

Whether you’re feeling cynical, excited or frantically hyperventilating over the prospect of Batman V Superman’s release — you know you want to watch this.

Come on, it’s just a trailer. It’s like two minutes long.

Frozen Synapse Is Getting A Sequel This Year

It’s been given away in countless Humble Bundles, plays excellently on mobiles and probably echoes the vibe of Counter-Strike in a turn-based format better than some of those browser games out there.

Mode7 Games hasn’t been talking about Frozen Synapse for a while though, having spent the last couple of years focusing on Frozen Cortex. But the more tactical shooter is getting a sequel, and it’s due out this year.

App Deals: Unlock The Creatures Of The Zodiac In The Mesh

Today’s best deals include Impact Box 3D for Android, The Mesh for iOS and Toilet People for Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

EB Games Accidentally Delivers A Sick Burn To Xbox One

It’s not often that retailers accidentally deliver a slap in the face to their suppliers, but that hasn’t stopped one EB Games store from delivering a quality backhand to Microsoft.

Overwatch's Custom Games Shows How Much Blizzard Is Building For Esports

One of the biggest problems with new titles and their ambitions for competitive play is the sheer lack of features they have upon launch. Basic functions, like a rudimentary spectator mode or even the ability to watch replays, are left off the table completely or ignored until it’s too late.

Overwatch, which went into a second beta phase yesterday morning, has gotten a some substantial improvements over the holidays. But it’s the reworking of the custom matches and lobbies that might be the most important, since it directly affects the end experience for people playing and organising tournaments.

Gabe Newell Just Gave A Bunch Of Developers A Free HTC Vive And They Went Nuts

In fairness, if I randomly got a free Vive out of nowhere I’d probably lose my shit a little too.


Casual Prolix is approaching godlike levels. Seriously.

I thought yesterday’s drawing by Dong Tri Phan was close to unguessable. And it was, until Casual Prolix swooped it. Amazing job. Amazing guess.

Jason Clare Tore Malcolm Turnbull A New One Over The NBN

In general, Australian internet is not great. We’re aware of that. And the Australian government’s solution to that has been fraught with controversy. You could make the argument that the NBN we could have had has been ripped apart by partisan politics and in-fighting.

Yesterday a Labor MP laid out the failings of Malcolm Turnbull in a ten minute speech that was part political grandstanding, part depressing evaluation.

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