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Tim Sweeney's Still Pissed At Microsoft

When Microsoft announced its plans to unify their systems through the Universal Windows Platform, the chorus of disapproval from developers was swift and immediate. And one of the loudest was Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney, accusing the corporation of trying to dominate the industry.

Microsoft refuted his claims, but it’s done little to quell Sweeney’s anger. He’s still pissed at Microsoft, and he’s still letting everyone know about it.

Twitch Streamer Apologises For Beating His Partner During Livestream

A streamer and prominent player within the NBA 2K16 community has publicly apologised this afternoon for beating his partner during a livestream.

App Deals: Join The Punch Club At A Discount

Today’s best deals include Thomas Was Alone for Android, Punch Club for iOS and Lamphead for Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

Cut The Rope Makers Slammed For Sexist Tropes In Video Game Quiz

You might not have heard the name Zeptolab, but there’s a good chance you’ve heard of their games. Cut The Rope was a solid mobile hit, with its combination of cute characters and many, many puzzles. The studio has made another game, a web-based text adventure about video game development — a game that’s since been called out for using sexist tropes about women in games.

A Short, Animated History Of Australia's Biggest Independent Game Studio

So Halfbrick turns 15 years old today. Doesn’t time fly, etc.

To celebrate they released this little video: a short animated history of Halfbrick. It’s pretty cool.

The Clone Wars Is The Prequel Star Wars Deserves

Very few things are as universally loathed and shunned by their own fanbase as the Star Wars prequel trilogy. While there were points where you could almost tell what George Lucas was trying to do with Darth Vader’s origin story, it was mostly just a mess.

No one expected anything good when The Clone Wars came creeping in three years later, as the dust from the prequels’ fallout was still settling. Yet even though the animated show started out just as you would expect, it somehow managed to turn that around and achieve what the prequels never could.

Australia Is Funding An Exhibition About Car Culture In Video Games

Despite the big fuss around the Senate inquiry’s report into the Australian video game industry, this year’s federal budget wasn’t expected to have a lot of sweeteners for gamers or developers.

But as it turns out, one little nugget of funding has gone the industry’s way: in the form of an interactive exhibit.

You Can Play Pokemon In Halo 5

Welcome to the dystopian future of 2016. We are in the future now.

It’s scary as shit.


Poor Ashigaru. He had four drawings done for this ScribbleTaku and someone guessed it on day one.

That is true pain.

Tell Us Dammit: Best Games For Kids

I have a three year old and he’s starting to like video games. Honest to god I have not really encouraged this but it’s happening now.

Funnily enough, this is an area where I don’t have much expertise. What are some of the best games for kids that age?

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