Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls Gets Its First Major Update

2.1.0 brings with it a competitive game mode based on Diablo II’s online ladders, called Seasons, and a new type of endgame dungeon: Greater Rifts.

Diablo III On Xbox One Vs PS4 Vs PC

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition dropped for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this week, and it’s good. So good, in fact, that it has Kotaku‘s Yannick LeJasq switching his Diablo allegiance from PC to PS4.

In The End, Diablo III Just Shouldn't Have Been 'Always Online'

Last night, I stayed up really late playing Diablo III. I’m currently crashing at a friend’s house, and their internet is spotty at best. I played a bunch of Diablo anyway.

Psychedelic Art Inspired By Some Very Specific Diablo References

This is a piece of digital artwork called “Halls of Viscera”. Look familiar? The “halls” and “viscera” are big hints. Ok, fine: it’s Diablo. Well, sort of.

Diablo III Feels Like It Was Made For Next-Gen Consoles

It all started with the dodge button. Blizzard added that to Diablo IIIwhen bringing it to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. Dodging was a great feature, but it wasn’t enough to make me switch my allegiance from playing on a PC. Now that Diablo III is out for the PS4 and Xbox One, it’s a different story.

Which Diablo III Class Is Best?

Current-day Diablo III is a pretty different game from the one that launched back in 2012. But for all the changes, one thing remains the same: You still have to choose a character class before you play.

Diablo II Maps In Minecraft Will Fill You With Nostalgia

Even though the Arcane Sanctuary and the jungles of Act 3 in Diablo II were not the nicest maps with their unforgiving layout and enemies, there’s something in laztheripper‘s Minecraft recreation that makes me want to log back and run through them again.

Here's The World's First Level 1000 Diablo III Character

In the olden days, reaching level 99 in Diablo II was a pretty big challenge, but even though it’s easier to level up in Diablo III, getting to paragon level 1000 is just insane. But one dedicated guy, Gabynator, did it way before anyone else.

Oh, Hey, It's The Power Rangers In Diablo III

Barbarians might not be the most powerful class right now in Diablo III, but with a little creativity they will look like the most powerful ones. You just need to dress them up as the Power Rangers.

Scare Your Friends And/Or Minions With This Diablo Night Light

We all love lamp. The sweet convenience of reading/gaming/building a toilet roll fort from the comfort of one’s bed, just before sleepy time and not having to walk to the light switch before closing your eyes. But your current lamp just isn’t evil enough. It needs more horns. And teeth. And glowing yellow eyes.