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How Blizzard Made Those Gorgeous Angel Wings In Diablo III

We take visual effects in games for granted, though that’s kind of the point. It’s like magic tricks — they lose their lustre once you know how they’re done. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to know. So how about the angel wings in Diablo III? Those beautiful, wavy, incorporeal tendrils that look exactly how you’d expect?

Diablo III's Wizard Joins Heroes Of The Storm

All the playable classes of Diablo III have already got a Heroes of the Storm version, except the Wizard. But those days are over. The Wizard, called Li-Ming, is the next hero joining the ever-growing roster of Heroes of the Storm.

Tips For Getting Back Into Diablo III

Diablo III changed a lot over the years. The expansion and the later patches added a lot more content to the game, and these changes might confuse players who stopped playing around Reaper of Souls or before, but want to come back to see what’s new.

Eight Cool Things In Diablo III's New Patch

Diablo III‘s long awaited patch 2.4 is now live both in the US and in the EU. It’s quite a big update with new zones, items, game mechanics and small tweaks. The game feels a lot different if you haven’t played in months.

Diablo's Treasure Goblins Are Coming To World Of Warcraft: Legion

Legion will introduce a new type of creature to World of Warcraft that might be familiar from Diablo III. It’s the Treasure Goblin, or as he’s known here, Treasure Demon.

Getting Started With Devilian, The Mildly Awkward Diablo-Style MMO

There are four character classes in Trion Worlds’ Diablo-style MMO Devilian, launching next week — busty woman, stout man, Dante from Devil May Cry and uncomfortably young-looking girl with a gun.

Diablo III On Consoles Has A Cheating Problem

A big part of Diablo III is playing with other people, whether it’s friends or strangers. Many consoles owners have given up on strangers, though, thanks to cheaters doing a fantastic job of making the game tough to enjoy.

Diablo III's 2.4.0 Patch To Bring New Rift Options, Revised Sets And A New Zone

Blizzard really picked up its game with Diablo III‘s 2.0 update and each major patch since has continued to deliver the goods. 2.4.0 looks no different, promising a new zone, expanded areas, extensive set piece revisions and more.

Deadmau5 Loses Top Hardcore Diablo III Character Due To Server Issues

Well this is how perma-death and Hardcore mode works in Diablo III. You’re not safe, even if you’re a famous electronic music producer with a very high ranked Demon Hunter. Whether it’s lag or bad luck, if your character dies, it’s gone forever.

One Of The Most Popular Builds Of Diablo III Is Back

With the new items and gameplay changes of Diablo III‘s superb 2.3 patch, one of the coolest builds of old times, the Archon, is back and got stronger for Season 4.

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