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Diablo III's Skeleton King Is Ready To Pound You Into The Floor

Dayshot: His Majesty King Leoric of Khanduras was already a decently badarse-looking boss in Diablo III, especially considering his lowly status as the game’s first unique boss. Well, here, he’s on a whole other level.

Blizzard Hit By Multiple DDoS Attacks

Players couldn’t log into games like World of Warcraft and Diablo III for several hours last night thanks to a series of DDoS attacks that flooded Blizzard’s servers, the developer said. Blizzard says they have since thwarted the problem, though some login issues could linger this morning.

Ten Isometric Action RPGs Worth Trying

They have been called many things over the years. Isometric RPGs, hack’n’slash RPGs, ARPGs, Diablo clones. But one thing is certain: They wouldn’t exist if Diablo didn’t come out in 1996. Diablo and its sequels spawned a whole catalogue of isometric action RPGs.

Diablo II's Final Boss, Looking Unusually Badarse

Dayshot: This Baal is more like the Baal I’d imagine after dying over ten times in Diablo II Act V’s Worldstone Chamber.

10 Of The Best Easter Eggs In Video Games

They were originally conceived as a way for developers to get credit for the games they worked on. But Easter Eggs are now a way for developers to tip their hat to their fans, a way to joke about the past, surprise alternate endings or a way to interact with their audience in diabolical ways that go beyond the game.

Easter Eggs are now a staple of video game design, so to help celebrate the long weekend let’s look back on some of the best Easter Eggs ever made.

Diablo Boss Azmodan Returns To Heroes Of The Storm With Basketballs

Well, that’s certainly a skin that wouldn’t work in Diablo III, but is completely fine in the casual environment of Heroes of the Storm. Act III’s “Lord of Sin” from Diablo III now has a slam dunk-ready alternate, called… Azmodunk!

If Diablo's Deckard Cain Were In Heroes Of The Storm

Video: Deckard Cain might not be a powerful hero of the Blizzard universe, but still, Diablo‘s fan favourite NPC is one of the most wanted characters for Heroes of the Storm. Carbot made an awesome animation playing with the idea of what the wise old man could do in a MOBA.

Duriel, Scariest Of The Lesser Evils

Dayshot: Duriel, with his tiny-arse lair, slow-down aura and incredibly dangerous attacks, is an annoying Diablo II boss to fight. Now, thanks to this piece of fanart, he’s also terrifying to look at. Yay!

How Blizzard Made Those Gorgeous Angel Wings In Diablo III

We take visual effects in games for granted, though that’s kind of the point. It’s like magic tricks — they lose their lustre once you know how they’re done. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to know. So how about the angel wings in Diablo III? Those beautiful, wavy, incorporeal tendrils that look exactly how you’d expect?

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