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Diablo III Update Honours Blizzard Artist Who Died Last Year

In October 2014, Kevin Kanai Griffith, a Blizzard artist who had worked on both World of Warcraft and Diablo, passed away. This month, the company honours him with a big update for Diablo III.

The First Five Diablo-riffic Minutes Of Victor Vran

As an isometric fantasy action role-playing game, Victor Vran does a lot of the same things Diablo does. It also does several things Diablo doesn’t, which is what makes it awesome.

Heroes Of The Storm's New Skeleton Warrior Has A Great Strut

When you play game after game of a MOBA like Heroes of the Storm, you start to appreciate the tiniest little details of how a character looks and feels. Still, I’d never really focused on the nuances of a hero’s gait until yesterday when King Leoric arrived in HOTS.

Dedicated Diablo III Player Reaches Level 2000

Some enthusiasts are still on Diablo III and they’re not just messing around casually, but achieving crazy things — for example Vajet, who has already reached a combined level of Paragon Level 2000.

Where Star Wars Meets Diablo

Here’s our first look at the gameplay of Star Wars: Uprising, the upcoming Diablo-inspired mobile game from Kabam with great concept art and not a damn trading card in sight.

Heroes Of The Storm Makes The Butcher From Diablo Scary Again

If there’s a single phrase I’d associate with the original Diablo, it’d have to be: “Fresh meat!” That’s the line The Butcher growls as he strides towards you from a room full of festering corpses. He wasn’t the biggest or baddest villain in the game. He wasn’t even a Lord of Hell. But he was the first boss you encountered. And he was absolutely terrifying.

Heroes Of The Storm's New Diablo Map Is Very Chaotic (In A Good Way)

The never-ending battle between the forces of heaven and hell can get pretty messy at times, I’ve learned.

Heroes Of The Storm Inspired A Character Change In Diablo III

Heroes of the Storm is a Smash Bros.-style mascot brawler for Blizzard’s iconic PC games, meaning the rockstar PC developer borrowed tons of ideas from its other games when crafting HOTS characters. The latest patch for Diablo III shows that creative inspiration works in the opposite direction too.

Diablo's King Leoric And Monk Join Heroes Of The Storm

Plus a treasure goblin. And I’m pretty sure that Blizzard just revealed a third new hero as well.

Diablo Invades Heroes Of The Storm With A New Map And More Characters 

Ahhhhh. Fresh meat! Exciting news for the Diablo fans out there who’ve been sinking their teeth into Blizzard’s excellent new MOBA Heroes of the Storm.

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