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Deadmau5 Loses Top Hardcore Diablo III Character Due To Server Issues

Well this is how perma-death and Hardcore mode works in Diablo III. You’re not safe, even if you’re a famous electronic music producer with a very high ranked Demon Hunter. Whether it’s lag or bad luck, if your character dies, it’s gone forever.

One Of The Most Popular Builds Of Diablo III Is Back

With the new items and gameplay changes of Diablo III‘s superb 2.3 patch, one of the coolest builds of old times, the Archon, is back and got stronger for Season 4.

Diablo's Tristram Etched In Wood

Graphic designer Alex Griendling teamed up with Neutral Ground and created a unique, laser-etched, 46cm wide and 36cm tall wood map of Diablo‘s most iconic town, Tristram.

Heads Up To Heroes Of The Storm Players

Briefly: Heads up to Heroes of the Storm players: In case you’re wondering where the Battlefield of Eternity map went, Blizzard took it out of rotation because of an issue that “can cause games to crash”. Also, a Blizzard rep told me that the next Diablo map is coming out today. Fresh meat!

Taking Heroes Of The Storm's New Monk Character For A Spin

The Monk from Diablo III officially joined the fray in Heroes of the Stormtoday — though his full name is now technically Kharazim. Is he any good? We’re about to find out!

Someone Is Programming The Original Diablo From Scratch

Diablo III might be doing a good job of quenching your thirst for action RPGs today, but let’s not forget its humble origins: Rogue. Ahem, sorry, the first Diablo. You may rarely feel the urge to play the 90s classic, however, if you do in the future, you might want to check out Freeablo — a cross-platform rewrite of the game’s engine that’s in the works.

Diablo III Update Honours Blizzard Artist Who Died Last Year

In October 2014, Kevin Kanai Griffith, a Blizzard artist who had worked on both World of Warcraft and Diablo, passed away. This month, the company honours him with a big update for Diablo III.

The First Five Diablo-riffic Minutes Of Victor Vran

As an isometric fantasy action role-playing game, Victor Vran does a lot of the same things Diablo does. It also does several things Diablo doesn’t, which is what makes it awesome.

Heroes Of The Storm's New Skeleton Warrior Has A Great Strut

When you play game after game of a MOBA like Heroes of the Storm, you start to appreciate the tiniest little details of how a character looks and feels. Still, I’d never really focused on the nuances of a hero’s gait until yesterday when King Leoric arrived in HOTS.

Dedicated Diablo III Player Reaches Level 2000

Some enthusiasts are still on Diablo III and they’re not just messing around casually, but achieving crazy things — for example Vajet, who has already reached a combined level of Paragon Level 2000.

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