Oh, Hey, It's The Power Rangers In Diablo III

Barbarians might not be the most powerful class right now in Diablo III, but with a little creativity they will look like the most powerful ones. You just need to dress them up as the Power Rangers.

Scare Your Friends And/Or Minions With This Diablo Night Light

We all love lamp. The sweet convenience of reading/gaming/building a toilet roll fort from the comfort of one’s bed, just before sleepy time and not having to walk to the light switch before closing your eyes. But your current lamp just isn’t evil enough. It needs more horns. And teeth. And glowing yellow eyes.

Someone's Making Diablo In Divinity: Original Sin

We’ve talked about how much fun it is to play Larian’s Divinity: Original Sin, but have we mentioned how easy it is to build with it? In four days, Redditor docalypse has built the doomed city of Tristam from the original Diablo, with plans to reimagine the entire game as Diablo: Original Sin.

Blizzard Is Bringing Diablo III To China

Briefly: Blizzard is bringing Diablo III to China (although probably not as a “big pineapple”). The game will be operated by NetEase, which also provides servers for Blizzard’s other games — like Hearthstone and World of Warcraft — in Asia. [via Gamasutra]

Ibelinn's Death Maiden Cosplay Is Simply Amazing

Dayshot: Ibelinn’s Death Maiden cosplay is simply amazing — within hours of it being posted to the Diablo subreddit, it was already on the official Diablo III Facebook page and Twitter. The costume, which consists of an airbrushed bodysuit and a suit of armour made of thermoplastic, took about six months to create.

Shadow Of The Diablo

Shadow of the Diablo: looks like Diablo III owners on PS3 and PS4 will also get some sweet Shadow of the Colossus gear, in addition to having The Last of Us enemies appear in the game too. You can read more about both here.

Diablo III's Hardest Difficulty, Cleared Without Using Weapons

Diablo III player dm204375′s weaponless run on Torment 6, the game’s hardest difficulty level, is just something to make us all sad — us, who are still struggling to clear lesser Torment levels properly.

Unnecessary Censorship Makes Diablo III Inappropriate

“Already, Belial’s sh** has fallen upon Caldeum”… and other bad news from Tyrael in this funny but also disgusting censored version of Diablo III, put together by Unnecessary Censorship.

A Much Better Version Of Diablo III's Intro

Diablo III turned two yesterday, and in honour of this moment, the always superb folks at Carbot Animations remade the game’s original intro. Deckard Cain survives the meteor blast in this one too, but he’s just as hopeless.

Diablo III Comes To PS4 And Xbox One This August

The third Diablo game will finally hit current-gen consoles (minus Wii U) in August 2014. Blizzard announced today that the Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition — which includes both the base game and the recently released expansion, Reaper of Souls — will be out on August 19.