In 1997, Lucasarts Tried To Copy Diablo

People gave Lucasarts a lot of crap towards the end, mostly for being a company interested in nothing but licensed garbage. For the most part that was totally fair criticism. But there was once a time when Lucasarts wasn’t just brave, it was a little weird about it.

Cosplayer Beats WoW's Loot Drops By Building Her Own Armour

“I never got it in-game, so I thought I’m gonna make it and I’m going to have my own Lightbringer set at the house.” Makes sense when you’re a gifted costume-maker.

The Coolest Cosplay From Blizzcon 2014

Basically, some of these costumes look like folks’ World of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft characters walked right through the screen and caught a flight to Anaheim.

Blizzard Planning To Add Diablo-Themed Map As A Battleground In Heroes Of The Storm

Dayshot: Blizzard is planning to add this cool Diablo-themed map as a Battleground in Heroes of the Storm, with the High Heavens going up against the forces of Hell. Not much is known yet, but it would look great if the winning side could slowly take over the other half of the map, just like Zerg creep.

5 Gaming Rumours That Were Too Good To Stay Fake

Lots of things in video games sound too good to be true. But what about when it’s the other way around — when something is too good to not be true? Erhm, you know what I mean.

Diablo's Future? Definitely Not An MMO

Not so long ago, Blizzard voiced interest in taking Diablo to other genres post-Diablo III — up to and including an MMO. That was the goal, said then-game-director Jay Wilson: to evolve the universe to be able to “support” an MMO. Now, however, times have changed, and so has Blizzard.

Newbie Lessons Learnt After A Few More Hours Playing Diablo III

Following a four-hour Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition online co-op session with Kirk Hamilton last night (I’m a Demon Hunter, expert difficulty, was at level 50 and at the end of Act III) and still being a novice to the whole thing…

Two Players Already Unlocked Every Diablo III Season 1 Achievement

Quite the feat, considering Diablo III‘s Season 1, where everyone started with fresh characters, only launched at the end of August on PC. But still, two guys already managed to climb to the top and get every single one of the achievements. 7880 points in total.

Heads Up: Your New Last-Gen Game May Not Get DLC

Console transitions are weird, sometimes sloppy things, and the latest — from PS3/Xbox 360 to PS4/Xbox One — is no different. The newest wrinkle? Games like Forza Horizon 2 and Diablo III are only offering DLC and major updates to current-gen versions. Last-gen, meanwhile, is stuck out in the cold.

Diablo III 2.1 Patch Brings Greater Rifts And Legendary Gems To PS4

Now that PlayStation 4 players have had time to enjoy the more “casual” content of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition, it’s time to get down to some serious endgame business. Patch 2.1.0 is will be available on the console today. Legendary loot follows.