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Beloved Manga Artist Shigeru Mizuki Has Died

The man behind the spooky manga GeGeGe no Kitaro passed away this morning in Tokyo, reports Nikkan Sports. Mizuki was 93.

Japan's PSP Playstation Store Is No Longer Going To Sell PSP Games

Briefly: Sony announced that it’s ending PSP software sales on the PSP’s PlayStation Store as well as the UMD Passport service on 31 March 2016 in Japan, Inside Games reports. Previously purchased content will be still available and can be downloaded again.

The Most Ridiculous Ramen Restaurant In Japan

Behold, Men Macho Ramen. It’s not Japan’s best ramen establishments, but as far as over-the-top noodle restaurants go, this is the over-the-toppiest!

Machoke And Machamp Have A Deep, Dark Secret

Everyone has secrets. You do. I know. And so do Machoke and Machamp.

The Famicom's New Cartridge Makes Sweet Music

Video: The Famicom, which launched in Japan in 1983, is getting a new cartridge. Titled 8Bit Music Power, it’s less a game and more an 8-bit album, but hey, it’s a new Famicom cart and you can play it on an old Japanese Nintendo console.

Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories Puts You In The Aftermath Of An Earthquake

Video: Here’s the first trailer for Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories. Previously canned, the game is back on for the PlayStation 4 with improved graphics and newly added toilet breaks.

Japanese Samurai Brought To Life In Living Colour

Colour might not make everything better, but it sure does put a new spin on old images.

These Avengers 2 Figures Are Amazing As Usual

While the world is raving about the new Captain America: Civil War trailer, on my shelf it’s still The Age of Ultron.

The Wilfully Unemployed Of Japan Have Their Own Mecha Manga

He fights so he doesn’t have to work.

It’s a dystopian future where the world is dominated by the rule of work. Those who commit their lives to their jobs and become brainwashed drones are treasured. Those who would be parasites, living off the hard work and resources of the working population, are hunted down and forced to find their place in the labour force. This is the world of Koukidou Mushoku: Neetenberg (高機動無職ニーテンベルグ or “High Mobility Unemployed: Neetenberg“)

In The New Disaster Report, You Can Go To The Bathroom

The fourth instalment of the Disaster Report series, Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories, is back from the dead, and it looks like the developers are aiming to show another side of natural disasters.

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