Oh, Hey, It's A $667 Attack On Titan Statue

Open your wallets. Wide. That is, if you plan on buying this Attack on Titan statue.

Unmasking The Mysterious Batman Of Japan's Highways

Recently, photos of Batman on a Japanese highway surfaced. Who was that masked man? People want to know! And through the magic of television, we found out.

Watch Today's Nintendo Direct Right Here

Video: The presentation, which is in Japanese, will center around Nintendo 3DS games. No wonder this is called “Nintendo 3DS Direct 2014.8.29″.

Lupin The Third Turned Into An All-Women's Musical

Japan’s legendary all-women theatrical company the Takarazuka Review is bringing Lupin The Third to the stage. For 100 years, the Takarazuka Review has been entertaining Japanese audiences. The group is comprised solely of women performers, playing both the male and female roles.

Things Sound Grim For The Lupin Movie

Lupin the Third is one of Japan’s most iconic manga/anime characters, loved by millions. His second live-action movie adaptation opens on Saturday, and one of the first reviews for it is brutal.

Once Again, Atlus Doesn't Want You To Spoil The New Persona

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is out in stores in Japan right now, and once again, Atlus is asking that people be considerate. If you access the Japanese Persona 4 Arena Ultimax homepage right now, you’ll be greeted by an image overlay of the character of Teddy — or rather the shadow version of Teddy — telling people not to spoil the new fighting game.

Don't Be Silly, Hello Kitty Is A Cat

Earlier today, numerous websites reported that Hello Kitty is not a cat. That’s not only an oversimplification, it’s also not quite true. Hello Kitty is a feline — just an anthropomorphic one, Sanrio told Kotaku.

The Yakuza Prequel Was A Long Time Coming

As previously reported, the new Yakuza game, Yakuza 0, has been announced. As you can probably guess from the number, it’s a prequel.

You Really Shouldn't Google 'Pokken' Images Right Now

Pokkén! It’s Pokémon meetsTekken, so, hey, that’s a clever title. Maybe. And you might be interested in the game, but whatever you do, don’t google “Pokken”. Seriously, don’t.

If You Like Video Games And Anime, You'll Love These Japanese Sweets

Twitter user Otakumi makes Japanese sweets or “wagashi” (和菓子). Traditionally, they are served with tea and are inspired by nature or animals motifs. These sweets, however, are inspired by anime and video games.