Attack On Titan Hot Dogs Remind You Of Something Important

Behold, Attack on Hot Dog. As internet buddy @clpearce point out, it’s funny when you realise that none of the Titans have wieners. That’s true! They don’t. Heh.

Tokyo Disney Is Officially The Best For Handwashing

Disney fans might disagree which Disney Resort reigns supreme. Everyone has their favourite. But there is one thing we can all agree on: None can surpass Tokyo Disney for handwashing.

Japan Is Good At Vine

Lots of countries are good at Vine. It should be no surprise that Japan is one of them.

Wow, That's A Large Anime Figure

Size does matter. And this anime figurine is pretty damn big.

There Was A Robot Wedding In Japan

You may kiss the bride. The robot bride. The ceremony, which you can see in the RT video below, was for robots Frois and Yukirin. But apparently only one of them was a real robot. Can you guess which one?

'Manga Artist' Arrested For Allegedly Organising A Sex Party

A 27-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly setting up an orgy with prostitutes. Japan’s leading newspaper refers to the suspect as a “manga artist”, a label with which some online disagree.

Oh, Just A Bird Singing The Totoro Theme, That's All

This video is not new. But damn, it’s cute.

Another Resident Evil Attraction Is Coming To Universal Studios Japan

Once again, it’s called Resident Evil: The Real. It’s not real, real, but real enough, I guess!

Dog Newscasters Are The Best Newscasters

You know, this is kind of like doge meets the evening news. In Japan, 7-Eleven’s banking service, fittingly called Seven Bank, has a series of short ads starring a dog-in-a-suit with the punny name, Shibao Inuyama.

Japan's Most Popular Characters For Children Are...

For the first time in thirteen years, the most popular children’s characters in Japan are not from that bread-headed superhero show Anpanman. They’re the characters from Yokai Watch.