Sony Is Selling The PS Vita With A Penis Joke

As part of a PS Vita advertising campaign, Sony has released a new Japanese ad on YouTube that can be described as ballsy. That, or a cheap sight gag.

What Pikachu Food Really Looks Like

This weekend in Tokyo, the Pikachu the Movie XY Exhibit opened in Roppongi Hills along with the Pikachu Cafe. Visitors got a hands-on look at the Pokémon movies as well as a chance to scarf down Pikachu burgers. Let’s have a look at the festivities!

I Liked The Sound Of Tri-Ace's New Game Until I Learned More

Judas Code is the title of a new action RPG from Star Ocean series developer, tri-Ace. Everything about the game’s description sounded pretty awesome to me, until those dreaded three words appeared.

Let's See How Cosplayers Compare To The Characters They Love

Cosplay is about love — love of a particular work or love of a specific character. Recently on Twitter in Japan, cosplayers have been comparing their cosplay pics with the original source material they brought to life.

The Wii U Will Take Digital Money In Japan

Starting July 22, Wii U owners in Japan can use digital money cards to buy stuff through the Nintendo eShop. According to Nintendo, the digital money cards that can be used include Suica, Pasmo, Kitaca, Toica, Manaca, Icoca, Sugoca, Minoca and Hayakaken.

This Horror Film Should Be Exciting, So Why Am I Bored?

Japan recently released the trailer for the live action Kiseiju (寄生獣) aka Parasyte movie. While seeing one of my favourite manga of all time brought to life on the big screen should give me a hard-on that could be seen from space, in reality, it didn’t. In fact, it had pretty much the opposite effect.

Psychoanalysing Two Of Japan's Greatest Anime Creators

Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli fame. Yoshiyuki Tomino of Gundam fame. Both are two of Japan’s most famous anime creators. And psychiatrist Tamaki Saito gives his professional opinion on what makes both men tick.

Japanese Actor Refused To Pronounce 'Godzilla' In English

In English, Godzilla is said as, well, “Godzilla”. But in Japanese, it’s said (and written) different: “Gojira” (ゴジラ). According to actor Ken Watanabe, who appeared in the latest Hollywood version, he was asked to pronounce the word in English — or, at least, somewhat like it’s said English.

The Wii U Is Getting One Scary-Looking Game

If you like frightening games, good news. Here is the first trailer for the upcoming Fatal Frame game for the Wii U.

This Might Be The Best Trollface Of 2014

It’s July. We’re at the halfway point. I know. But it’s really going to be difficult to top Japanese flyweight Takuya Eizumi’s trollface for this year’s best.