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The Nintendo 64 Turns 20 Years Old Today 

On June 23, 1996, the Nintendo 64 first went on sale in Japan. Twenty years ago! Think about that.

How To Make Pokémon Colouring Books Horrifying

Don’t just colour between the lines. Draw stuff between them.

The Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter Release Got Messy

Mighty No. 9 is finally out. Yet, it looks like some of the people who made it all happen are having difficulty getting their download codes or simply figuring out what exactly is going on.

PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Draw Crowds In Japan

On Saturday, PlayStation VR pre-orders began at Japanese retail shops. The VR headset won’t be out until this October, but if the lines are any indication, Sony could have a hit on its hands.

Tokyo Ghoul Is Being Turned Into A Live-action Movie

Tokyo Ghoul is being turned into a live-action movie. Originally a manga, it was adapted into a popular anime and has spun off stage and video game versions, too. Details are currently scant about the film version, but it does have a shiny new website.

The Charms Of Dating A Japanese Horror Character 

While watching the classic Japanese horror movie Ring, have you ever thought what it would be like to date Sadako? Something like this, it seems.

Headless Idols Sure Are Freaky

Nothing like seeing a troupe of idols standing on stage, singing their headless heads off.

The Chinese One Piece Live-Action Movie Seems Like A Hoax

Yesterday, a Chinese company based in Shanghai apparently issued a press release claiming it had purchased One Piece‘s copyright from creator Eiichiro Oda for 1.6 billion yen (US$ 15.1 million) and was planning to make a live-action movie. That is simply false, the manga’s publisher said today.

The Final Fantasy XV Character With A Surprising Backstory

Prompto Argentum is razor thin, sports Final Fantasy hair and wears Final Fantasy style clothes. But he wasn’t always that way.

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