Real-Life Giant Monsters Are So Cool

One of the most appealing elements of Monster Hunter is, well, hunting monsters. You know, staring down those enormous beasts. In real life, turns out, that’s also rather nifty.

Auction Begins For The Most Desirable PS4 On Earth

Last year, Sony rolled out the limited edition Anniversary PS4 in classic PlayStation grey. There were only 12,300 released, each serialised. Now, you can bid on number 1.

Real-Life Version Of Resident Evil Is A Bloody Puzzle Game

Capcom is rolling out an official Resident Evil attraction at Universal Studios Japan. It’s four floors of terror — and puzzles.

J-Horror In Manga Form Is Not For The Weak Of Heart

So I was walking down the aisle of a bookstore when I noticed a manga with a cream-coloured cover and a red eyeball looking back at me. There weren’t any content samples on display, but the text on the wrap-around all seemed to indicate that the manga, titled Kouisho Radio (後遺症ラジオ) or “After-effect Radio”, was a scary story. Curiosity piqued, I grabbed a copy to check out.

I Can't Be The Only One Who Wants Yakuza Zero in English So Badly

While there’s no word on a Western release for the upcoming Yakuza 0, the latest trailer was just too awesome not to share. With English subtitles no less.

Eating Pokémon Food Can Be Frightening

Website Omo69 visited the newly opened Pokémon Cafe Ω Ruby & α Sapphire in Tokyo, ordering the Pikachu rice omelette with blue “aqua sauce”. You can also order magma sauce, instead.

Japanese Pop Star Swallowed By Microphones In Hong Kong

Singer Sakura Miyawaki of the pop groups HKT48 and AKB48 was recently in Hong Kong to promote Japanese ramen chain Ippudo. First there was a photo op. Then, this.

Why Big Hero 6 Is Upsetting Some People In South Korea

You’d think Disney’s Big Hero 6 would steer clear of controversy. That it would be a fairly innocuous movie. You’d think!

Team Of Keisuke Honda Clones Plays Pro Evo

You know Keisuke Honda? He plays for Milan in Serie A. And Shunsuke Nakamura? He does stuff like this. Eleven Hondas just faced off against 11 Nakamuras.

Predicting Anime Characters' Future Appearance Is Easy

Jibanyan is the most popular character in Yokai Watch, Japan’s new favourite anime and video game. The character is new, but what will it look like in 10 years?