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Human-Sized Godzilla Statue, Only $40,000

If you are in the market for an enormous Godzilla statue that costs as much as a car, good news! You can buy this.

Cats Really Do Make TV News Better

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Cats make television news shows better.

How Halloween Became A Thing In Japan

When I first came to Japan in 2001, Halloween was not a thing. At all. Well, it was if you were foreigner, but Japanese people just didn’t really get it. Now they do more than ever and are putting their own spin on it. So what happened?

PlayStation VR Outsells PS4 In Japan 

During its first week on sale in Japan, the PlayStation VR sold 51,644 units. In comparison, the biggest selling hardware that week, the PlayStation 4, sold 30,154 units.

A Solid Gold Pikachu Card, Only $2000!

Only! To mark the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon trading card game, here is a solid gold Pikachu card.

Trying Hard To See Underpants In Summer Lesson

You’ll be happy to know that it is possible to see VR underpants in Namco Bandai’s PlayStation VR title Summer Lesson. Well, maybe you won’t, but someone will be.

When Anime Meets Real-Life Locations

Some anime isn’t called “slice of life” for no reason, you know.

Free Ramen If You Can Eat It All

Hungry? Like, really, really hungry? Then you need to visit the Tokyo noodle restaurant known as Ramen Shop, because if you can eat one of their huge bowls of ramen in a certain amount of time, your meal is free.

The Japanese Military Recruits With Anime Girls 

In the past, there was a tradition in the US military to paint pin-ups on aircrafts. Today, that tradition lives on in Japan. But there’s an important difference: They’re not cheesecake pin-ups. They’re anime girls, and they’re not only on aircrafts, but also recruitment posters.

Yokai Watch Characters Working At McDonald's 

Imagine walking into McDonald’s and seeing these characters at the counter.

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