Game And Anime Characters Reborn As Japanese Scarecrows

It’s late September. In Japan, that means rice is being harvested. And where there are crops, there are scarecrows. Some of them are hardly typical. Thank goodness for that!

Space Cats, Meet Space Sumo Wrestler

You know those Photoshops of cats and space backgrounds? They’re neat and all, but the sumo ones are pretty neat as well.

Eye Glasses Designed Especially For Kissing

Wear glasses? Want to make out? (Not with me, but you know, with someone.) Tokyo eyeglasses shop Blinc Vase is releasing a pair of glasses especially design for smooching.

Anime Cat Is An Attack On China, Says Journalist

Doraemon, the blue earless robotic cat from the future, super popular in most of Asia, is under attack. Sort of. A Chinese newspaper is positing that the cartoon character is nothing more than a tool for Japan to subvert Chinese culture.

No, This Isn't A Dragon Quest Car

Over the weekend, though, Twitter user Crexian thought he saw a car shaped like Dragon Quest’s Slime on the highway. Sorry! It wasn’t.

One Of Japan's Scariest-Looking Train Stations

The vast majority of big city train stations in Japan don’t look scary. That is, unless you are afraid of crowds. This one in Yokohama, however, looks spooky as all hell.

Secrets From The Man Inside The Godzilla Suit

Haruo Nakajima helped bring one of Japan’s most iconic characters to life. In 1954, he was the first man to don a kaiju costume and star in Godzilla as the man inside the suit.

In Conbini Dream, You Are Living The Dream

Briefly: This download title from Arc System Works and just hit the 3DS in Japan. Looks like a fun little management sim for Japanese convenience store fans. No word about a Western release.

A Life-Sized Pikachu Plush Toy Is Going On Sale

You could say that’s pretty big. You can say it’s even as big as Pikachu really is, because, well, it is.

Bayonetta 2's Sales Are Depressing

Oh dear. Bayonetta 2 is out in Japan, and it looks like a terrific game. The early buzz on it is super positive. Shame that not many people are buying it. Blame the Wii U for that?