Final Fantasy XV's Director Breaks Down The Newest Trailer

Not only did Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata unveil the latest game trailer chock full of new info today, but he was kind enough to address much of the new information contained within.

What Final Fantasy Is, According To Its Creator

From the mouth — or rather, the keyboard — of Hironobu Sakaguchi. If you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy series, you’ve heard of him. The man’s blood and tears are in the genes of the game series, and while he no longer works at Square Enix, his influence remains.

Nintendo Warns Parents About Kids Spending Their Money

Parents, do you know what video games your kids are playing? Do you know what they’re buying? Please pay more attention. For Nintendo.

Report: A New JoJo Fighting Game Is Coming To PS4

JoJo fans rejoice, it looks like there’s a new game coming your way. Let’s hope it’s not as DLC-ridden as the last.

The Latest Final Fantasy Looks To The Original

The latest official Final Fantasy game, from current Final Fantasy top man Yoshinori Kitase, was announced in an interview between Kitase and series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi in Weekly Famitsu.

The Biggest Pokémon Center In Japan Opens

Best part? It’s called Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo. Fitting, because today saw mega lines. The opening in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro saw a slew of limited edition goods, like a plush toy Pikachu dressed as Charizard. There were also little figurine versions. These were only slated to go on sale from today until Sunday, making them rare collectibles.

Naruto Will Be Turned Into... Musical Theatre 

Singing ninja, what could go wrong? Well, everything, but who knows, it might be good.

An Open-World Game With Questionable Photography

This is Summer-Coloured High School: Adolescent Record. As previously mentioned, it’s an open-world game for the PS3 and PS4. In it, players explore the island, go fishing, fall in love, and escape from the cops after taking lewd photos.

More Very Cool Smash Bros Stage Creations

We’ve already posted some of the coolest Super Smash Bros stage creations so far. Many of the stages were created by Western games, so now, let’s have a look at what Japanese Super Smash Bros players are sharing online.

Becoming A Champion With The Worst* Pokémon In ORAS

Magikarp is sad. Pathetic. He sucks. Yet, one brave gamer apparently became a Poké champ with what is largely considered to be the worst Pocket Monster around.