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Another Pokemon GO Death Reported In Japan

In the Japanese city of Kasugai, a 29-year-old woman was fatally hit by a car as she crossed the street on her bicycle. The driver had been playing Pokemon GO.

Bleach's Manga Artist Makes The Coolest Anniversary Drawing

Viz Media is celebrating its 30th anniversary, so congrats to Viz! To mark the occasion, famed manga artists sent signed drawings to the company. One of them in particular, however, stands out in the cool drawing department.

Woman Killed By Pokemon GO Driver

Last night at around 7:25PM in the Japanese city Tokushima, two women were hit while crossing the street, fatally injuring one of them. The driver, 39 year-old Keiji Goh, admitted that he wasn’t watching the road ahead, because he was playing Pokemon GO.

Life-Sized Anime Figures Sure Are Expensive

This is Mumei from the anime Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. OK, it’s not actually Mumei, but a life-sized statue. An extremely expensive one, at that.

Giant Snorlax Cushions Are A Bad Idea

Make that, owning a giant Snorlax cushion is a terrible notion. The concept of them is fine. The reality is not.

Official Look At Super Saiyan Rose In Dragon Ball Super

Previously we reported that leaks could indicate a pink-hair Super Saiyan was a thing. Now we can confirm that for sure. Meet Super Saiyan Rose.

Tokyo 2020 Could Be The Geekiest Olympics Yet

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appeared at the Rio Olympics’ closing ceremony as Mario. But that wasn’t the only Japanese pop culture cameo.

A Godzilla Anime Movie Is Coming Next Year

In the wake of Shin Godzilla‘s arrival in Japan, there’s been swirling rumours of a new Godzilla anime on the horizon — which would, surprisingly, be the King of Kaiju’s first ever anime series. Now they have been validated, although it’s not quite an anime series — instead a new animated Godzilla film is coming out next year.

Hamster Vs Super Mario Bros. Level 1-1

Video: Oh, this is just a hamster trying to clear the hamster version of the very first stage in Super Mario Bros. That’s all.

Ash From Pokemon Just Had The Battle Of His Life  

In the latest episode of Pokémon XYZ, Ash faced off against Alain for the Kalos League Championship. Since Ash has been doing so well this season and since he’s become somewhat of a cooler character, victory seemed possible.

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