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New Japanese Game Labels Enemies As 'Immigrants'

As pointed out on NeoGAF, the invading giant ants and spiders in Earth Defence Force 5 are called “immigrants.”

One-Punch Man Anime Gets A Second Season

Did you like the One-Punch Man anime? Good news, because they’re making another season.

At This Japanese Bar, You Drink And Play In A Ball Pit

As a kid, I remember ball pits being fun. A new bar called Ball Pool Bar Dive in Osaka recreates that experience for boozy adults.

Japan Creates LED Basketball Court For Pro League 

This week in Japan, a new pro basketball league is getting underway, and last night’s game between Alvark Tokyo and the Ryukyu Golden Kings was played on an LED court. It’s nuts.

The Cardboard Dragon Ball Z Costume You've Always Wanted

This might be one of the best Vegeta costumes you can buy. That is, if it doesn’t rain.

Japan Sure Loves Buying Persona 5

On September 15, Persona 5 was released in Japan. Did you get it? Loads of people in Japan did, so let’s check out its first week sales numbers.

Hideaki Anno Is Finished With Godzilla, Moving On To Evangelion 

Earlier this summer, Hideaki Anno apologised to Evangelion fans, saying he was sorry to keep them waiting. Now he says he’s working hard on Eva.

Miyazaki Gives Clear Answers On The Future Of Dark Souls, Armoured Core

During a recent round table at Namco Bandai headquarters in Tokyo, I asked From Software’s Hidetaka Miyazaki about the future of Dark Souls, as well as what else the studio is working on. The good news is yes, a new Armoured Core is coming. The bad news is that, at least for the foreseeable future, more Dark Souls is not.

Police Dealing With Pokemon GO Chaos In Tokyo 

In the past few days, a rare Pokemon has been spotted in Tokyo’s Odaiba. Loads of people have shown up to catch it, and the crowds have become so big that the police were called in to handle the situation.

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