Tokyo's Newest Tourist Destination Promises A 'Crazy Experience'

When you visit Tokyo, there’s a list of places you must attend. Ganguro Cafe would very much like to be on that list.

The Terminator Genisys Poster Shouldn't Cause Diplomacy Problems

In South Korea, several major media outlets have pointed out the same thing: the Japanese Terminator Genisys poster does not feature Korean actor Byung-hun Lee.

Finally, Panties For Your Drink Bottles

Right now, drink bottles across the world are fully exposed. They should probably cover up. Like so.

Dying Light's Japanese Censorship Is Almost Dead

In Japan, video games with dismembered human bodies and red blood are often censorsed. Dying Light is no exception. Make that, was.

Buy Your Own Star Wars Battle Pod For Just $US98,000

Star Wars Battle Pod is the first Star Wars arcade game in years. I guess because playing it in game centres isn’t enough, Bandai Namco is selling it to the Japanese public. There’s a catch! And it’s the price.

How Nintendo Makes Its Games Appear Cheaper In Japan

It looks like Nintendo is doing funny stuff on its official website with price listings to make its games look cheaper.

Evangelion Creator Predicts The Death Of Anime

Hideaki Anno, creator Neon Genesis Evangelion, thinks that the Japanese animation industry’s days are numbered.

The Worst Japanese Sales Week For Games In A Long Time

Oh boy. The most recent video game sales numbers in Japan are not good. In fact, they’re bad. Very bad. As blog Hokanko points out, the most recent Media Create sales figures — which date from 11 to 17 May — are the worst since 2001. This period was the week that followed Golden Week, a string of national holidays that sees people travelling, shopping and spending money.

Inside Tokyo's Infamous Suicide Train Station

Japan has a high suicide rate. It’s one of the highest in the world. And one Tokyo train station, a known suicide spot, is doing what it can to stop people from taking their lives.

'The Difficulty Of Making Manga' Is Being Turned Into A Feature Film

Bakuman, the manga about making manga is getting a live-action movie adaptation. Check out the trailer (with English subtitles).