The Attack On Titan Beauty Routine

That’s porn star Sola Aoi showing off a new Attack on Titan beauty mask.

The Anime Studio Ghibli Wanted To Make 

Hayao Miyazaki has retired from feature filmmaking. But, before he did, there was a manga he was keen to turn into a movie, but didn’t. That manga was Parasyte.

Why People Say Dragon's Dogma Online Looks Like Final Fantasy XIV 

As net users in Japan have pointed out, the Dragon’s Dogma Online interface seems to resemble the user interface in Final Fantasy XIV. That’s not surprising. Not at all.

The Attack On Titan Movie Looks Terrifying

Here’s a new trailer for the upcoming live-action Attack on Titan movie — this one gives us a closer look at the titans, and I think it’s safe to say the movie nails the horrifying giants.

That Movie With Naruto's Kid Gets A Trailer

Boruto: Naruto the Movie, which stars Naruto’s son, ahem, Boruto, gets its first trailer. Here, have a look. It also features Sasuke’s daughter, Sarada.

New Japanese Beer Is Good For Your Skin. Apparently. 

Ah, to stay young. And get totally trashed at the same time. Who knew?

My Love Story Pays Homage To Japan's Most Famous Anime Bully

One of the new anime this season, My Love Story, is a romance story featuring an atypical protagonist. A protagonist with certain similarities to one of Japan’s most famous bullies.

In The New Pokémon Movie, Evil Ash Looks Terrifying

Those glowing eyes. Those clinched teeth. That crazy hair. Damn, Ash. You’re scary.

Tetsuya Nomura On Redesigning Characters For Dissidia Final Fantasy

With the release of the latest Dissidia Final Fantasy trailer, Kingdom Hearts director and zipper enthusiast, Tetsuya Nomura sat down to talk about the newest addition to the character roster.

Chappie Censored In Japan, Director Wasn't Told

When Chappie was released in the US, it was a R-rated film. But for the movie’s upcoming Japanese release, Sony decided to edit the film for kids 12 years old and up. Here’s where things get really awkward.