The Real Story Behind Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter

New release Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter is based on an urban legend that a Japanese woman thought Fargo was real and travelled to America to find the money Steve Buscemi’s character buried. The real story, however, is far more depressing.

Anime Billboard Gets Fake Boobs

Look, I’m not here to judge. People can do whatever they want with their bodies, er, billboards.

Dragon Ball Failure Meme In Collectable Form

Now you can relive Yamcha‘s death over and over again with this upcoming collectible statue. Don’t forget the apple pie, though! Wait. What?

Turning Real People Into Anime Art

Real life looks different from anime and manga. That’s OK! But here’s what three dimensional humans might look like if they were two-dimensional drawings.

Cyborg Old Man Lays Some Smackdown In This Manga

Because seeing a geriatric cyborg badass is kinda cathartic in a way. Inuyashiki is the latest manga from Hiroya Oku, the guy who created Gantz, a manga about people who are transported to a room with a giant black ball in it when they die so they can fight aliens with crazy future-tech weaponry. So, yeah, it’s got some weird stuff in it.

Lessons People Learnt From Resident Evil

Resident Evil was released in 1996, and changed the gaming world. It also apparently taught a lot of people some interesting lessons.

The Gundam Prequel Doesn't Have Enough Mecha

Hmm… Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin: Blue-Eyed Casval. A prequel to a highly successful, generation-defining SF franchise? That’s never gone wrong before…

Where Is Hideo Kojima? Show Him To Me.

Have you seen this man? His name is Hideo Kojima and he makes video games. And since March 19 he seems to have vanished.

Japanese Miniature Art Dazzles All

Tomo Tanaka is a “miniature artist”. That doesn’t mean he is of small stature. Oh no, but his art certainly is.

How To Improve University Graduations? Cosplay

Speakers give inspirational talks. There’s clapping. Words of wisdom. Nostalgic looks back on the time passed. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Wake me up when they start passing out diplomas. It’s time to spice things up with cosplay.