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Signs Of Life At Studio Ghibli

Back in 2014, Studio Ghibli announced it was taking a break. Since then, it’s collaborated with a French animation studio, but hasn’t yet begun work on a new own in-house feature film. That could change as one of the studio’s most promising young directors, who quit Studio Ghibli in 2014, could return for his next film.

Hideo Kojima's Top Ten Movies Of 2015 Might Surprise You

Here is a belated best-of list from a game designer who claims that 70 per cent of his body is made of movies.

Fallout 4 Noodles Is For Real

If you’ve played Fallout 4, you’ve probably come across Takahashi, the noodle-making protectron in Diamond City. His ramen is real.

Anime Trope: People Getting Carried Like Rice Bags

Forget getting carried like a bride or a princess. The new thing, it seems, is getting hauled about like a bag of rice.

Watch Out, Minecraft

For years now, people have been building amazing creations in Minecraft. But in Japan, people don’t need Minecraft to make cool constructions. Thank Minecraft clone, Dragon Quest Builders for that.

First Look At The New Anime From One-Punch Man's Creator 

Video: The manga Mob Psycho 100, from One-Punch Man creator One, is getting an adaptation. A sweet-looking one at that.

Robot Is So Good At Puzzle & Dragons, It's Frightening

Video: Nowhere is safe from the unflinching skill and processing power of robots. Not even Puzzle & Dragons. Oh shit.

The Latest One Piece Collectible: Luffy As A Woman

I’m fairly certain nobody asked for this, but here we are: Luffy from One Piece gets turned into a lady for upcoming merch.

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