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Persona 5 Looks As Incredible As Ever

Video: You thought the last Persona 5 trailer was amazing? It was. Ditto for this latest one. Check out this new gameplay, new characters and sweet, sweet user interface.

For An Anime Studio, This Looks Pretty Nice 

Many anime studios tend to look like regular, bland offices. They’re functional, which is fine, but lack personality and style. The new headquarters for anime studio P.A. Works is functional, too, but it also looks quite nice.

Japan's Movie Posters Could Be Great, Like This

In Japan, the rep for many modern movie posters is that they’re not cool. The ones distributors create for the local market are often criticised for lacking in style. Shame, because there are truly awesome one-sheets being done, many of which are totally unofficial and totally fantastic.

Meet The God Of Cardboard Art

Kyoto artist Masahiko Senda doesn’t sculpt with stone or clay. He uses cardboard to create his statues and figurines. Senda says he strives to create pieces that “surprise and amuse people”. He should add “impress” to that list, because that’s exactly what his work does.

Dragon Ball's Goku Looking Silly On A Segway Knock-Off

You might wonder why Goku is even on this thing. He’s Goku! It’s because Tokyo just got a scooter-themed Dragon Ball attraction. With a Segway-type thingy. Yeah.

Japan's Game Boy Mailbox

Previously, Kotaku pointed out that Japan sure has some interesting Japan Post mailboxes. Looks like there’s another one to add to the list: the Game Boy mailbox.

Do Not Come To Japan This Week

Did you just arrive in Japan? Oh dear. Bad timing. I’m sure you’ll have fun, but there are better times to visit. Why, you might ask. Because this is Golden Week, when the entire country goes on holiday.

Spider-Man As A Samurai

This works way better than I thought it would.

This Could Be The Last Pokémon Jet 

[Image: 59rar] Since 1998, a small handful of Pocket Monster themed aeroplanes have flown in the ANA fleet. The current iteration, the only remaining Pokémon plane, recently took its final flight.

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