nintendo 64

Only The French Could Make An N64 This Pretty

French company L√ękki specialises in turning old consoles into new things of beauty. We’ve shown you their Super Nintendo work before, but they’re now offering some Nintendo 64s as well.

These LEGO Nintendo 64 Transformers Are Just Too Awesome

We’ve shared LEGO Transformers made by New York-based artist Baron von Brunk before, and he’s now back with some completely mind-bending stuff. He created not just one, but four authentic, near-perfect LEGO N64 components that can transform into various robots.

The Future Meets The Past: Playing N64 Games In Virtual Reality

Reader Chris, who was kind enough to share with us some footage of Skyrim running on the Oculus Rift, has been kind enough to humanity to build Nintendo 64 game support for the virtual reality headset.

An Elegant Nintendo 64 For A More Civilized Age

Reader James’ modded Nintendo 64 is not a machine for the 1990s. Its modern touches make it a damn fine retro gaming solution for the discerning modern gamer.

The Awesome, 100% Accurate Planetary Orbits Of Blast Corps' Map Screen

Blast Corps, for the Nintendo 64, didn’t seem to give much of a damn for accurate physics. You could drive on gas-giant Neptune and it had the lowest gravity of any of the game’s extraterrestrial levels (it should be the highest). But as GameXplain marvellously demonstrates, the map menu is jaw-droppingly true to life.

A Real Man Knows How To Turn On The N64 And Push Its Buttons (NSFW)

Well, now. this video gets a big ole George Takei “Oh my …” It’s just someone doing suggestive things to a Nintendo 64 controller, is that NSFW? Well, yeah, because I’d probably get arrested for showing it to a minor.

This Is How You Open A Beer Bottle With An N64 Controller

I’m guessing that when the N64 was in its prime, most of you were too young to be drinking beer, so this never occurred to you, but you can actually use an N64 controller to open a bottle of beer and this genius video will show you how.

Bond Takes All Comers In Real-Life Re-Enactment Of N64 GoldenEye

I always figured I’d be pretty crap if I had to survive in a real-life version of GoldenEye. I was pretty solid at the N64 game back in the day (or at least, I think I was), but give me an actual Klobb and set me loose, and I’d be done for.

The Nintendo 64 Christmas Screams, Remixed For 2012

A modern, animated and slightly terrifying take on Nintendo’s most storied of Christmas tales. Not suitable for small children.

How To Beg Your Dad To Buy You A Console

In 1999, Buzzfeed’s Josh Fjelstad really, really wanted an N64. And hey, it was 1999, so did a lot of kids. But what Josh did to actually get one was… different.