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Speedrunners Finally Pull Off The 'Holy Grail' Of Mario 64 Glitches

Since it came out 20 years ago, Super Mario 64 has been cracked open, turned inside-out, and then some, but people keep figuring out new ways to warp its candy coloured reality. The latest is being billed as the biggest speedrun breakthrough since 2007, and it’s not hard to see why.

Hardcore Super Mario 64 Fan Makes Nine Minute Video On Blinking

You might be familiar with Scott “pannenkoek2012” Buchanan from his work on the A Button challenge and the meme-tastic “Watch For Rolling Rocks” video. He’s a master of Super Mario 64 minutiae. His latest project? Figuring out how characters blink their eyes in the game.

20 Years Later, The N64 Still Amazes Me

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Nintendo 64 in North America. A chiefly innovative console as games made the jump between 2-D and 3-D, the Nintendo 64’s release was one of the most important gaming moments of all time.

Doom 64 Is The Most Underrated Doom Game

Though credits have rolled on the new Doom, I wanted to keep blowing up imps and pinkies. It seemed like the right time to revisit Doom 64.

Hitting The Same Block Billions Of Times Is The Weirdest Way To Crash Paper Mario 64

The great thing about Nintendo 64 games is that dedicated players are still finding exploits years later. But the true die-hards are discovering glitches that are purely theoretical.

Brutal Doom Creator Shows Early Footage Of His New Doom 64 Mod

Dayshot: SGtMarkIV, the modder behind Brutal Doom, is working on enhancing Doom’s Nintendo 64 version in the same way he did the original. In a video, released earlier this week, he shows us where the project stands now.

Not Even Unreal Engine 4 Can Tame The Fiery Depths Of Death Mountain

Dayshot: Link first passed the Death Mountain Crater on his way to the Fire Temple in Ocarina of Time, but it was a lot more blocky and a lot less particle effect-y back then.

'Wooden' N64 Is Quaint As Hell

Marshall Clark made this N64 console last year. It’s not actually made of wood, but through a careful application of paintwork (and some airbrushing), he got it looking pretty damn close.

Turok Remaster Dumps Original PC Sounds With N64 Versions Because They're Better

It’s not often you see PC assets getting scrapped for those that were compressed to fit on a cartridge with a mammoth storage size of 8 megabytes, but that’s precisely what’s just happened to the Turok remaster.

The Thirty-Year Battle To Recreate Hoth In Video Games

Let’s take a look at video games’ favourite scene from the Star Wars series: the battle of Hoth. Developers have been trying for over 30 years to get it right. Which is your favourite?

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