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Who Better Than Star Trek's Q To Star In Quantum Conundrum?

If anyone is qualified to create an Interdimensional Shift Glove it’s the man that flexed his interdimensional muscles s dozen times over the course of three different television series. John “Q” de Lancie steps into the disembodied voice of Professor Fitz Quadwrangle in Airtight Games’ Quantum Conundrum.

X-Scape Review: The Beauty Of The Old Ugly

Can you love shapes and straight lines? Crimson spider robots casting maroon shadows? Pink stripes painted beside tan in tunnels of sky-blue enemies? Fly to an era when game graphics were ugly and the best of that ugliness was beautiful.

Better Days To Die Coming To Star Trek Online

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For Klingons, every day is a good day to die, but you might want to wait until Cryptic slips the new Klingon player-versus-enemy content into Star Trek Online, as seem in part two of the Expanding Universe video series.

PixelJunk Eden Encore Has Loads Of New Stuff

PixelJunk Eden Encore will be with us in April, and when it hits, it will be adding all kinds of new things to your Eden experience. Like new levels, new backgrounds & new music.

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