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Remember When Sonic Kissed A Woman?

While there’s not enough alcohol in the world to forget this scene, it’s my journalistic duty to remind you it exists.

Keytarist Does Amazing Things To Sonic's Green Hill Zone Music 

The flashing coloured lights. The energy. The majesty of the keytar. Rush Coil‘s Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill keytar performance is my new inspirational jam.

I Filmed A Sonic The Hedgehog Orgy

I’m not sure how to describe the last 20 minutes of my life, in which I played Sonic Dreams Collection, a compilation of “lost” (read: fake) Sonic the Hedgehog games that go to some truly messed up places.

Welcome To The Next Stage In Meme Evolution

What’s the Internet rule number for everything eventually becoming a body pillow?

Sonic, Running Around In Unreal Engine 4

Video: Here’s Unreal Engine 4’s open world “Kite” environment combined with a cool-looking Sonic. It’s made by YouTuber CryZENx, and with a few Power Rings added this could work as a nice alternative Green Hill Zone.

Real Hedgehog Has Gotta Go Fast(er)

This is Elvis, from the San Diego Zoo. He’s a real hedgehog, and Mashable’s The Watercooler wanted to see how he went running through a Sonic The Hedgehog-style course.

The Moaning Cowgirl And Other Fun Sonic Adventure Facts

Did you know the original Japanese release of Sonic Adventure included a massive mechanical cowgirl billboard that moaned when you approached it?

New Wii U Game Is Better As A Wii Game

Rodea the Sky Soldier is a Wii game that, despite being made a beloved game creators, looked like it would never see the light of day. But now, after being remade for Wii U, the game has finally been released in Japan with the original Wii version as a bonus. But one version is clearly better than the other.

If Every Game Was A Pokemon Clone

Video: Pokémon‘s turn-based battles and exploration have been delighting gamers for nearly two decades, but does the formula work when applied to Halo, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario and more?

This Short Film About A Boy Dressed As Sonic Is Sadness Incarnate

Everything about this is bleak. Everything. Warning: the short film will ruin your day.

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