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Capcom: 'We Got It Wrong' On PC Super Street Fighter DRM

Capcom will remove the “limited offline” restrictions DRM places on the PC versions of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, saying its community convinced it that such measures meant legitimate users would have a worse experience than the pirates the DRM means to thwart.

DRM Means Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Will Have 'Limited Offline' Functionality

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will use Games For Windows Live to administer the game’s DRM, says Capcom’s Christian Svensson, and while the game will not require an always-on Internet connection to be played, it’ll have a “limited offline” mode for those with no uplink.

SSFIV Arcade Won't Be Coming Home

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition won’t ever be turning up on home consoles, says the game’s producer producer Yoshinori Ono. Ah well!

Super Street Fighter IV's Yun And Yang Also Delivering To Consoles?

Capcom’s official Japanese-language blog posted a few screens of new characters Yun and Yang in their Arrange Costumes, where they change from a mere skateboarder and rollerblader into a skateboarder chef and a rollerblader waiter.

Super Street Fighter VI's Latest Costume Pack Is A Day Late

Yesterday would have been the perfect day for Super Street Fighter IV’s Ryu, Ken, Dan, Gouken and Akuma to play dress-up with the new Ultra Shoryuken Pack.

This Model Kicks Daigo's Butt

Kayo Satou made a name for herself as a fashion model. But then, she revealed she was born a man. Kayo is also one of Japan’s top Street Fighter players. Watch out, she’ll school you proper.

Look Ma, Super Street Fighter IV With One Hand

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Aided by a standard-issue Street Fighter IV FightStick, this guy pulls off all of Ryu’s Trials in Super Street Fighter IV – using one hand. And he collects the achievement for it, to boot.

Super Street Fighter IV's TV Spot Is Stylin'

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Inspired by urban artists and featuring a hard-hitting track by record producer/rapper Just Blaze, this Super Street Fighter IV TV sport makes me wish Capcom had tapped ad agency Ammirati to do the game’s cover art as well.

Probably Not Why You're Going To Buy Super Street Fighter IV

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Crecente detailed several fine reasons to purchase Super Street Fighter IV. Capcom’s GameStop-exclusive preorder bonus is not one of those, unless you have really cold thumbs.

This Is Your Super Street Fighter IV Box Art

This is what you’ll be looking for at your local video game retailer once Super Street Fighter IV hits store shelves on April 27.

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