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Firaxis Hires 'The Long War' Modders To Make Mods For XCOM 2

The Long War is, far and away, the most popular mod for the 2013’s XCOM reboot. It’s a pleasant surprise, then, to learn Firaxis has partnered with its developers to have something similar available for next months’s XCOM 2.

Humble Bundle Is Selling XCOM And Civilization For Bugger All

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen some hardcore strategy grace the pages of the Humble Bundle packaged offerings. Fortunately, Firaxis has come to the party this morning to rectify that, offering some of its best titles for close to squat.

The Makers Of XCOM's Long War Mod Are Making Their Own Game

Rather than occupy themselves with finding ways to make XCOM 2 even harder than even Firaxis imagined, the creators behind the brilliant Long War XCOM free mod are breaking out on their own.

XCOM, Recreated In...Excel

Having just learned how to code in VBA, crruzi thought the best way to practice would be to go and make a video game. So he went and made XCOM. In Excel.

How Developers Are Gaming The Steam Sales [Updated]

It’s been happening for a while and people should have learned to expect it, but developers are still pulling the age-old trick of raising prices right before a sale, and it’s a bloody shameful practice.

Firaxis: Replayability Is A Major Focus For XCOM 2

XCOM 2 isn’t out until next year, after its original November release was pushed back. Sad times, I know. Here to help you get through it is this video from “Firaxicon”, where the game’s developers had the opportunity to talk about XCOM 2‘s design “pillars”.

New XCOM 2 Trailer Shows How Base Management Will Work

Video: The latest XCOM 2 trailer gives a sense of how base management will work. Research and development, troop training and monitoring for attacks, all from your new mobile base on a repurposed alien ship, which I’m sure won’t lead to any complications…

Firaxis Explains Why XCOM 2 Is PC Only

We still have platform exclusives (sadly), but it’s unusual for the platform to be PC. So when Firaxis announced that XCOM 2 would be PC only, more than a few questioning eyebrows were raised. Once you hear why the developer made the decision however, it makes complete sense.

XCOM 2 Coming Out In November For Computers, Not Consoles

IGN has the first details on XCOM 2, the secretive project 2K Games has been teasing for a little while now. It’s coming to PC, Mac and Linux in November. Nothing for consoles, at least not yet.

XCOM: The Board Game Works -- You, Your Friends And A Table Vs The UFOs

In real life, Toby’s a database guy for Goldman Sachs. Tonight, he’s XCOM’s Chief Scientist and he’s spending worryingly large amounts of our money.

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