XCOM: The Board Game Works -- You, Your Friends And A Table Vs The UFOs

In real life, Toby’s a database guy for Goldman Sachs. Tonight, he’s XCOM’s Chief Scientist and he’s spending worryingly large amounts of our money.

New RPG Is A Love Letter To Fallout, XCOM & FTL

It’s called Bedlam, and it’s a post-apocalyptic RPG with Fallout‘s ramshackle vibe, XCOM-style gameplay and gorgeously detailed animated art. There’s also permadeath, marauders, mutants and cyborgs. I like all of those things!

10 Things I Learnt Acting Out XCOM In Real Life

The new XCOM board game sounds phenomenal, but last month I played a different kind of XCOM board game. Watch the Skies was a day-long game run by the UK Society of Megagame Makers. “Megagame” is a name that doesn’t disappoint — each one features dozens of players controlling small parts of a massive story.

OK, The XCOM Board Game Sounds Awesome

While the idea of a co-op XCOM board game sounded great, the fact it required use of an app turned a lot of people – myself included – off. Well, maybe I was being premature, because it turns out calling it an “app” is doing it a disservice.

Like XCOM, But In The Wild West? You Have My Attention.

“In a nutshell, Hard West is a turn-based squad tactical with adventurous world exploration. Think X-Com combat with Heroes of Might and Magic world map”. Well hello there perfect game description.

XCOM's Creator Wants To Make A New Strategy Game

Julian Gollop, the Bulgaria-based designed best known for creating the original XCOM game, has just launched a Kickstarter for a new “wizard tactics” game called Chaos Reborn.

Original X-COM's Design Document Had Just 12 Pages

It’s easy to forget that X-COM: UFO Defense came out 20 years ago, which means some players of the more recent XCOM: Enemy Unknown might not realise the latter game is based on a classic, much-loved series. Regardless of your level of knowledge of the franchise, you’ll undoubtedly get something out of this fascinating talk about the decades-old title from its creator, Julian Gollop.

Save 50% On XCOM: Enemy Unknown On iOS

2K Games is celebrating the arrival of February (OK, this is just a guess) by slashing the price of XCOM: Enemy Unknown on the App Store. It’s down a tidy 50 per cent, from $20.99 to $10.49.

Finish XCOM: Enemy Within On Ironman With No Saves Or Deaths? This Is How It's Done

Attention XCOM fans: PC Gamer has a very cool breakdown of Zemalf’s incredible impossible-difficulty Ironman run in XCOM: Enemy Within.

Today, Apparently, Is Opposite Day In The XCOM Universe

XCOM is celebrating by giving you cover art featuring those bastard-arse traitors EXALT from XCOM: Enemy Within.