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History Of XCOM In Less Than 2 Minutes

It’s strange watching the games of your childhood given a fresh coat of paint and reimagined into something new. Sometimes they turn out as good (or better) and other times… well, let’s not talk about them here. XCOM is a series that landed in the former category, but what was it about the franchise that made it good reboot material? Perhaps a history lesson will help.

Tweak-Packed Long War Toolbox Mod Arrives For XCOM 2

Earlier this year Firaxis recruited the aptly-named Long War Studios to craft mods specifically for XCOM 2 and the most succulent fruit yet of their labours — the Long War Toolbox — has just arrived.

Phoenix Point Is The Next Game From X-COM Designer Julian Gollop

Fresh from his last title, Chaos Reborn, which is doing alright for itself on that fancy Steam thing, X-COM progenitor Julian Gollop has just teased his next project: Phoenix Point. What is it exactly? I have no idea.

Witch House Looks Like Gothic XCOM

Supernatural crimes? Turn-based tactics? A detective main character who sounds like when he says he wants a whiskey on the rocks, he means jagged shards of gravel? Gee, Witch House, it seems an awful lot like you’re trying to get my attention.

BioWare Developer: 'Would You Play A Dragon Age Tactics Game?'

OK, so you don’t need to answer that question, because the reply is rather obvious. Yes, of course we would. That hasn’t stopped BioWare executive producer Mark Darrah from gathering votes for such a hypothetical project via Twitter.

Firaxis Frustrated By XCOM 2 Woes, Big Updates On The Way

“Rough” would be a kind word to explain the release of XCOM 2 earlier this month. Not as disastrous as Batman: Arkham Knight, but developer Firaxis is by no means happy with the game’s current state.

Our Best XCOM 2 War Stories: Love, Loss & Pink Hats

There’s a lot to like about the new XCOM game, but perhaps the coolest thing about it has little to do with tactics, or balance, or visuals. It’s the game’s ability to take what could have been a glorified tabletop wargame and turn it into something that creates stories.

XCOM Soundtracks Combined On Vinyl, Look Hot To Boot

Briefly: Continuing their series of “excellent video game soundtracks with amazing cover art”, iam8bit’s latest effort is this gorgeous 2xLP XCOM soundtrack, collecting the score from both the original and XCOM 2.

An Unlikely Fix For XCOM 2's Long-Arse Back To Base Load Times

When your surviving XCOM 2 soldiers are returning to base, the loading screen can last a reeeeeaaaaaallly long time. Turns out you can greatly speed it up by pressing… caps lock.

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