Marvel’s Midnight Suns Has Been Rated In Australia

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Has Been Rated In Australia
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The Australian Classification Board has handed down its rating for Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Midnight Suns is an upcoming tactical RPG from XCOM and Civilization studio Firaxis Games. While little gameplay has seen the light of day so far, it appears to be a character-focused, squad-based tactics game similar to XCOM: Chimera Squad. Players create a squad of Marvel superheroes and work their way toward specific objectives. Like all of Firaxis’ games, Midnight Suns appears to be turn-based.

The Classification Board awarded Marvel’s Midnight Suns an M rating, citing Moderate Impact themes and violence, Mild Impact language, drug use, and sex, and Very Mild Impact nudity.

This rating also comes seemingly out of nowhere. The game hasn’t released a new trailer since September, and it still doesn’t have an official release date. The game is currently slated for a 2022 release. Given this new surprise new rating, our guess is it will launch in the July-September Q3 window.

The game is based on a series of Marvel comics called Midnight Sons. The Midnight Sons are a team of Marvel heroes that delve into the supernatural. Its roster typically includes Doctor Strange, Morbius, Ghost Rider, Helstrom, and Werewolf by Night among others. Midnight Suns appears to cast a wider net with its available heroes in an effort to appeal to a wider audience. The thrust of the game’s plot is that Marvel’s mightiest must come together to stop the demonic forces of Lilith as she attempts to resurrect her master Chthon.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.


  • So basically they changed everything about the original Midnight Sons (All the spirit, Dark or Demonic heroes Marvel had at the time including the Nightstalkers) besides keeping Blade as a token member to connect the original Midnight Sons and this new Midnight Suns? What is the point? Hell, they even changed the Caretaker into a female and for what? I wonder when we will see Marvel go the other way and change a known female character into a male or is that a one way street that doesn’t garner as many woke points?

    What is even the point of loosely basing this on the original Midnight Sons if they are going to change so much about the Midnight Sons and make it something very, very loosely based on the original concept? Looking at the roster for the Midnight Suns, It is just a money grab. Wolverine and Iron Man?? Just give the team a whole new name and background and start over.

    • True, but it’s Marvel… they been rewriting their stories for decades to follow the market interest. Most MCU stories completely rewrite the lore of so many characters on the whim of a writer or director.

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