New StarCraft Patch Removes CD Check

sc_face.jpgNormally I wouldn't bother posting news about a fresh StarCraft patch, seeing as the game came out a decade ago. But we all know it remains insanely popular - heck, even I reinstall it on occasion - and the latest update brings with it a new feature. Or should I say the removal of a feature.

Yes, gone is the CD check that's plagued legitimate users and humoured hackers since StarCraft's release in 1998. All you have to do is copy a file off the original or Brood War expansion disc (if you own it) to your StarCraft folder and rename it. Not hard at all - in fact, I'm surprised Blizzard didn't just prompt the user to put their disc in and automate the process.

If you're a frequent StarCraft player, then the patch is definitely worth a look.

Starcraft Patch Information [Official site]


    Awesome. I know my disc has accumulated its fair share of scratches over the last decade or so. Discs are so 1998.


    So it's not quite saying that it's abondonware... or free to play now, but the hint is obviously there...

    Wasn't that always one of the biggest facts backing up software piracy ? Total number of Starcraft copies sold - 9.5 Million, Population of Korea - 72 million ? :P

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