New StarCraft Patch Removes CD Check

sc_face.jpgNormally I wouldn’t bother posting news about a fresh StarCraft patch, seeing as the game came out a decade ago. But we all know it remains insanely popular – heck, even I reinstall it on occasion – and the latest update brings with it a new feature. Or should I say the removal of a feature.

Yes, gone is the CD check that’s plagued legitimate users and humoured hackers since StarCraft‘s release in 1998. All you have to do is copy a file off the original or Brood War expansion disc (if you own it) to your StarCraft folder and rename it. Not hard at all – in fact, I’m surprised Blizzard didn’t just prompt the user to put their disc in and automate the process.

If you’re a frequent StarCraft player, then the patch is definitely worth a look.

Starcraft Patch Information [Official site]


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