Condemned 2 Rated R18+ In Australia… According To JB Hi-Fi

Condemned 2 Rated R18+ In Australia… According To JB Hi-Fi

c2_r18.jpgWhat you’re looking at is a photo I took from JB Hi-Fi’s latest catalogue. Specifically, it shows Sega’s Condemned 2… with an R18+ rating.

Now, we all know this is not possible, seeing there’s no R18+ rating for games in Australia – we’re still waiting to hear back from the Attorneys-General about that one. If you’re thinking it’s a sticker from the UK or US classification boards, I can assure you it’s definitely from the OFLC.

The OFLC database also clearly shows that Condemned 2 was rated MA15+. So what’s going on?

It’s a mistake, obviously. Maybe the designer who put the catalogue together thought Condemned 2 deserved a higher rating?

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  • hah Didn’t even notice that. Was looking at the JB catalogue 10 minutes ago. I just checked again and it does have an R18+ sticker. Nice stuff up by someone

  • I was in Gametraders in Perth and they have Dark Sector with the exact same R18+ sticker on it in store. I don’t know if it was an import or not though, but the sticker was EXACTLY like the one in the picture.

    Might be a sign that we are actually getting a R rating?

  • Not the first time, happened a few weeks back with a picture in their catalogue for Liberty City Stories as well.

  • I’m more disturbed by the fact that they’re advertising Soldier of Fortune right next to it.

  • I suspect this is some kind of publisher / designer wierdness rather than something OFLC-related. That’s a blown-up version of the smaller-sized R logo, the one which you would see on the spine of the case. If it were genuine the front would be that same garish, ugly wide sticker with half the black R logo and the other half with their slightly esoteric explanation dot-points, like all the others have. They standardised them for a reason, after all.

  • I downloaded the Condemned 2 demo over Xbox Live on the weekend and noticed that in the written description they listed it as having an R18+ rating, though they had a picture of an MA15+ sticker above it.

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