Condemned 2 Rated R18+ In Australia... According To JB Hi-Fi

c2_r18.jpgWhat you're looking at is a photo I took from JB Hi-Fi's latest catalogue. Specifically, it shows Sega's Condemned 2... with an R18+ rating.

Now, we all know this is not possible, seeing there's no R18+ rating for games in Australia - we're still waiting to hear back from the Attorneys-General about that one. If you're thinking it's a sticker from the UK or US classification boards, I can assure you it's definitely from the OFLC.

The OFLC database also clearly shows that Condemned 2 was rated MA15+. So what's going on?

It's a mistake, obviously. Maybe the designer who put the catalogue together thought Condemned 2 deserved a higher rating?

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    hah Didn't even notice that. Was looking at the JB catalogue 10 minutes ago. I just checked again and it does have an R18+ sticker. Nice stuff up by someone

    I was in Gametraders in Perth and they have Dark Sector with the exact same R18+ sticker on it in store. I don't know if it was an import or not though, but the sticker was EXACTLY like the one in the picture.

    Might be a sign that we are actually getting a R rating?

    Not the first time, happened a few weeks back with a picture in their catalogue for Liberty City Stories as well.

    I'm more disturbed by the fact that they're advertising Soldier of Fortune right next to it.


    How the hell is that disturbing?

    I suspect this is some kind of publisher / designer wierdness rather than something OFLC-related. That's a blown-up version of the smaller-sized R logo, the one which you would see on the spine of the case. If it were genuine the front would be that same garish, ugly wide sticker with half the black R logo and the other half with their slightly esoteric explanation dot-points, like all the others have. They standardised them for a reason, after all.

    I downloaded the Condemned 2 demo over Xbox Live on the weekend and noticed that in the written description they listed it as having an R18+ rating, though they had a picture of an MA15+ sticker above it.

    Lol, they also rated Alone in the Dark & Age of Conan R18+ as well.


    Because SoF2 was refused classification in Australia.

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