Which Oz Stores Will Be Selling Wii Fit For Less?

wiifit_box.jpgWii Fit will be out in Australia tomorrow, and if you haven't already got it on order, you'll be looking to buy one as cheap as you can. This is assuming you own a Wii and have an interest in jumping, leaning and skipping about your living room in an attempt to get into shape using a computer game.

Fit the bill? Anthony over at the Economical Gamer has compiled a list of stores offering Wii Fit for below its RRP. The cheapest is Myer, coming in at $109, but you'll need a coupon to make good on the deal. Of course, Myer might not suit, so we've included a bunch more after the jump.

Reduced Prices:

- Myer: $109 (using Myer One voucher)
- Kmart: $119
- Big W: $124
- Target: $129.95
- WOW Sight & Sound: $129.95
- Toys 'R' Us: $129.99 (preorder for $20 off coupon)
- JB Hi-Fi: $134 (UPDATE: Now $119)
- Dick Smith: $134 (preorder only or $144 normally)
- Myer: $139 (without Myer One voucher)

Trade in Deals: - JB Hi-Fi: Trade in 4 Wii games and get it free

First of all the Myer coupon referred to can only be used by Myer One members who received a promotional pamphlet with coupons in it. Inside that booklet a single use coupon for Wii Fit. Unfortunately if you have not got it then you cannot use it, though it might be worth checking with friends of family to save an extra $10.

Secondly, the Toys 'R' Us coupon cannot be used on WiiFit itself but only on future purchases.


    JB Hi-Fi will actually have $119 for WiiFit. Just found out after sending the tip.

    Why are Nintendo/Softprint stinging New Zealanders a whopping $199.95 for this? Does the big N hate kiwi's that much?

    EB Games looks to be selling it for $149.95.

    Could you use the 15% off webmail coupon for it?

    If so, that would make it $128.

    Blackspirit, I dont see why not.

    It is now $118 at Big W. Competition is pretty fierce.

    God Darnit, $133 STAFF price at Harvey Norman.

    Just bought it at JB HiFi for $117, that's at the Werribee store in Melbourne. Looks like $110 or so is absolute rock bottom and JB, K-Mart and Big W are inching past each other towards it...

    By the way it's BL00DY HARD...or I am unfit. Perhaps the latter.

    I have been to several ove the above stores in the past 24 hours and found none of these prices. Kmart & JBHiFi both are selling it for $149. I went to Harvey Norman and bought it for $127. Guess where I bought it? LOL.

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