Wrap-o-matic: Over The Weekend

New Trailer for FEAR Sequel, Project Origin Because a dose of scary is exactly what you need in the morning.

Some Guy Went and Built a Sentry Gun It turns, it shoots, it cleans the house! Well, not that last thing.

Super Mario Mural: And ... Mario's Already Missed a Coin Awesome art on what probably was a less-than-awesome wall.

Rock Band 2 Gameplay Trailer Here's a clip for a game we'll never play, if the first Rock Band is anything to go by.

MK vs DCU E3 Trailer: Cool Gameplay, No New Characters Who wants to see Batman kick the crap out of Scorpion? I sure do.

Flagship Sunk, Who's In Charge of Hellgate? Just goes to show that it takes more than Bill Roper to make a successful game developer.

Kotaku Originals: Make It a Blockbuster Week You missed news last week, trust me. It's okay though, because everything you didn't see is right here!


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