The US Crying Over $US 60 Games? Please!

A short survey piece over at GameDaily suggests US consumers are upset about $US 59.99 price tags on games. I don't mean to be insensitive, but they don't have a leg to stand on when you look at Australia, or even Europe.

The Aussie dollar might not be as strong as it was a month or two ago, but a US$ 59.99 game still works out to be ~$71 today. That's a far cry from the $99.95/$109.95/$119.95 prices we're currently paying.

Unsurprisingly, the survey found gamers are willing to shell out for triple-A titles:

Only 11 percent of next-gen console gamers said the price doesn't matter for "the right game." Among males, 25 to 34, a much larger group (30 percent) said they would buy the "right game" at full price. If you aren't publishing "the right game" then you are likely to find consumers hesitant to plunk down full price when a game first comes out.

Not that any of this matters to the informed gamer. One word: Play-Asia.

Consumers Still Hesitating When it Comes to $59.99 'Next-Gen' Pricing - Magid [GameDaily]


    Here's a good one.

    N+ for DS in the US will be $20USD.
    According to, we'll be paying $79.99AUD.

    Good point! I have one more word - renchi -

    used them before and just as good

    I personally haven't paid full RRP for a game in several years. If there's not a region work-around to allow me to buy the US release for cheaper, it usually works out that new releases are $79 or so at retailers like JB Hifi, and importing is only saving you $2-3 anyway.

    I have never understood why Americans get so worked up when the price of something shifts up a tiny little bit. Since the Xbox 360 games are 100 freaking bucks each I haven't been able to get one since CoD4.

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