Wii Pikmin Box Art Revealed


Nintendo told us at E3 last year that they'd be re-tooling the controls on a bunch of old Gamecube games and re-releasing them for the Wii. Pikmin and Mario Tennis with waggle support? Sure, why not, they're great games, they have control schemes perfectly suited to the Wiimote, and if this means loads more people get to play them then we're all for it.

The box art, however? Do Not Want.

What other Cube classics would you like to see given the "waggle" treatment? Me, I'm voting for Skies of Arcadia: Legends, because I could never track down a PAL copy.

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    This box art appears to have been haplessly thrown together by a first-year design student after returning home from a party, drunk, and realising it was the night before a deadline.

    With this, and the fact that Nintendo are re-releasing old games, I must ask: Have Nintendo reduced their creative budget all round?

    I would like to see Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers re-made for the Wii, plz.

    I totally agree with you on Skies of Arcadia. I hunted for that game for years... then found some copies a few days before Wii came out and stupidly decided not to get it because I'd be so busy playing Wii games.

    I don't like our chances. In fact, even suggesting there's a chance at all is probably way off the mark.

    Why companies insist on filthy-hideous budget platinum boxes when they could just lower the price to something reasonable has always been beyond me. Don't they realise that I search for good condition second-hand copies of games because I hate "Platinum" budget boxart massacres?

    Hey aubergine, I had the problem with PSOne 'Platinum' titles, but I also didn't like that the discs didn't have the same art work as the 'original' copies. Then I stopped looking at the discs, box and instruction manuals and just played the games instead. Give it a go some day.

    Online multiplayer for the metroid prime wii-make plz? k thnx.

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