Question Time: With The Good Game Guys, Part 3

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Welcome back for the third and final part of your interview with Bajo and Junglist from Good Game TV. Did I mention they’re back on air tonight? I did? There you go, I just did it again.
You can find the first and second parts here and there, but let’s finish up this edition of Question Time with talk about censorship, machinima, and er… Bajo’s legs.

Adrian Love: Considering the state of our country’s censorship laws, if they were made in charge of the censorship laws/regulations what would they make different?

Bajo: If the public were in charge, we’d have an R18+ rating by now, I’m sure of it. I firmly believe it’ll happen one day, and it will be nice to have games rated for adults.

Jung: I aim to be non-biased on this one, but I do have a hard time thinking of an argument against an R18+ rating. It’s not perfect, it’s the lesser of two evils – but the risk involved in having R rated games on the shelf can be lessened with a proper education and enforcement campaign. When parents know what they’re buying and retailers are kept in check regarding underage purchases, that’ll be a step forward for us. It’s an easy subject to fall prey to sensationalist politics – which is why I’d make proper research into the area a high priority. Too many university studies with improper methods and 100-200 test subjects get media coverage and we’re stuck with conflicting results. We should be proud that the best of these studies comes from our own backyard, thanks to the IEAA.

germy: Do the two of you game together/hang out outside of the show? How tight knit is the games writing/reporting community?

Jung: The community is fantastic. There are lots of cool people in the Aussie games industry, and heaps are willing to help you out if you’re new. It’s quite social and friendly, there are regular drinks nights, and you usually see the same faces at events so if you don’t know someone, it won’t take long. I know how competitive society is in the US, and that’s one of the reasons I love Australia. You’ll see the IGN guys having beers with the Gamespot guys, the Activision guys having a game with the Sega guys, it’s all no worries. Hell, if you’re lucky you might even see that hermitic Kotaku guy come out at night [laughs] . But not for too long… he sunburns. [But how do I get sunburnt at night? Oh, I see what you did there… – DW]

Bajo: Usually, we’re so busy with the show that gaming together is a luxury that isn’t as common as we’d like. We have fairly regular Guitar Hero and Rock Band sessions, but Jung is too good on guitar, so we have to pelt him with chips as he plays to stand a chance. Jung and I get are pretty competitive, so it can be draining and stressful versing each other all the time anyway!

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Mark: Why can’t someone develop an FPS for consoles with just multiplayer, no story mode? The COD5 story was redundant.

Jung: I hear World War II and reflexively throw up, so I passed on COD5 and wouldn’t know, but you might have some luck with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars [pictured above] .

Bajo: There’s a few out there, ET Quakewars is pretty much in that arena. If my memory serves me, the first Unreal Tournament was completely focused on multiplayer, but I heard a rumour that less than half of those who bought the game actually went online with it. I guess for its time the bot A.I. was pretty fantastic! I hear you about World At War – the multiplayer is definitely the strongest part of the game.

Thomas Gribben: Were your parents supportive of your career in the gaming industry?

Jung: Yeah, they love it because they live in the States, and this way they get to see me every week!

Bajo: My mother was sceptical at first, but she’s coming around slowly! My Dad worked in TV and radio all his life, so he’s pretty chuffed that I’m following in his footsteps. It’s weird how you follow your parents, even if you don’t intend to.

iZac Less: What is the best machinima they’ve seen (besides Bajo’s lovely attempt)?

Jung: I do love the Battlefield 2 machinima by Snoken.

Bajo: I’ve loved Red Vs Blue since day one, but I’m also a big fan of Jill’s Song. Creepy stuff!

Stalker: May I have Bajo’s address, to send him fan-mail and parts of my anatomy?

Bajo: I could do with new legs, I run like a girl who has pockets full of coins. If you are a girl please steal a man’s legs and send them in. Please don’t actually do that. I’d be happy with a drawing of some legs.

And that’s a wrap. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for this, even those of you whose queries we were unable to answer. We’ll have a new Question Time target lined up very soon.


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