Your Chance To Interview The Good Game Lads

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If you recognise these chaps, I want to hear from you. Why? I'm launching a new interview series called Question Time and you get to ask all the questions. First up is Bajo and Junglist from the ABC's Good Game TV - back on the air February 9, by the way. Email me with your thought-provoking queries or simply leave them in the comments section. Once we've got enough, I'll select the best and put them to the lads to answer. Now get to it!


    A question for both of them.

    "What influences has the games you played in the past have (if any) when you review new games?"

    For both them: How much of the show do you produce/write yourselves, and how much is scripted for you by the researcher(s) on the show?

    For Both of them:
    Who would win in a fight to the Death; Pirates or Ninjas?
    Do you have any memories that make you want to go; "Oh man I want to go back to that day and just relive it again"
    And finally," In your opinion, what character/event that has had the most influence on the gaming world?

    Has Bajo ever been mistaken for the guy from Spandau Ballet?

    "Which of you found coming out the most difficult?"

    "I'm not trying to be a dick, but did you guys watch the 1UpShow?"
    (May god rest its soul) ps

    bajo and junglist should buy me a new computer, in aspendale... melbourne. .. yes yes.

    Clock's question is a good one!
    I like these two...their show is always funny and it's clear they have a good knowledge of gaming culture past and present.
    Besides, the one on the right is a hottie ... so my question is: when can we expect a Good Game Speedo Calender featuring Bajo & Junglist and any hot guys who work behind the scenes? :)

    They have a great show ... they have an obvious knowledge and love of games past and present. Besides, "the one on the right" is more than a bit sexy, so my question is when can we expect o see a Men Of Good Game 2009 Calendar??? I'll buy one!! :) ...[seriously]

    I stand by my questions but I have a couple of new ones; What if they do a new segment, it would be called "Blast from the Past" A look at the games/consoles from yesteryear like the Game Gear or the Nintendo 64. And they would compare them on replay value, enjoyment and wether or not they are just as good or better that the same titles, re-made for today's market. They could do Mario Kart on the SNES or how the PlayStation became a market powerhouse in the years to come. Would be a brilliant resource to see how far we have really come in the short span of time from when Pong was first created.

    What is up with the lair you gusy are in? Are all the figurines yours? If so, can i buy one...or ALL OF THEM!? PLEASE!?!?

    Hey lads,
    Long time listener, first time caller

    I'd like to know how hard it was to sell a TV show based on gaming to an australian network. What were the main challenges trying to get it off the ground?

    Also what challenges are there using TV as a medium for distributing gaming news to a tech savvy audience? With websites (like kotaku) better suited to keeping up to date with the current goings on in the industry how do you differentiate yourselves and stay viable?

    Digital Regards

    Another less serious question now.
    How much airbrushing went into the above picture?
    Oh, and whats it like having a ridiculously large poster of your heads on display in the ABC HQ, along side many other ABC "celebs"?


    Simple, yet relevant:

    "What sort of future do you see for the games industry for Australian developers? High budget blockbusters, or simple xbox live/ PSN style mini-games? Adding tech to foreign games, like Mercenaries World In Flames, or ground-up titles like Stormrise? Could the market support a uniquely 'Oz-strail-yan' flavored game like, for instance, one based on Mad Max?

    Cheers guys

    @Krispy89 They already do a segment similar to that. It's called 'Backwards Compatible'.

    "What happened to the other fella?"
    "Can I too have a show on ABC revolving around me slacking off all week?"

    Also, HatsALot has a point about the airbrushing. I don't remember N64 controllers looking so slim.

    @ Clocks
    I already know that, what I am saying is that 'Backwards Compatible' just only covers the history of genres/consoles and games. I am saying that the segment that I suggested would compare the games from the past on replay value, enjoyment and wether or not they are better than the same titles re-made for today's market/consoles.

    I agree with mathews industry question and would love to hear their opinion on the topic.

    My question however would be "Concidering the state of our countries censorship laws, if they were made in charge of the censorship laws/regulations. What would they make different?"

    Thanks for your time.

    Do the two of you game together/hang out outside of the show? How tight knit is the games writing/reporting community?

    I guess this is more of a statement, but i would like to see them go back to games that are say 6-9 months old and see how they still play. do another score so is the sp still fun after 9 months, can you still find games online how are the communities etc.

    maybe someone else could put that into a question for it to be asked.

    What is the best machinima they've seen (besides Bajos lovely attempt) ?
    What is the best Video game related video they have seen?
    Are they going to have a new photoshoot before the new season, that photo is one of the few they have and its rather old.

    1. May I have Bajo's address, to send him fan-mail and parts of my anatomy?

    2. If you had to choose just one, what's the WORST game you've ever had the misfortune of playing?

    @ Stalker, they did a review of ET for the Atari somthing or other and sid that was the worst.

    My question is: If you could only have bought one game (no renting games either) for the whole of 2008, what would it have been?

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