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For Capcom lovers, today (and tomorrow) we turn our attention to Street Fighter IV. The prize pack contains: issue #1 of the SFIV comic, the full set of 7-inch SFIV figurines (Ryu, Ken and Crimson Viper), and of course a copy of the game (on 360 or PS3). Just to mix it up a little, I want you to tell me why you 'heart' Street Fighter in the comments below.
And our other Capcom giveaways are still open, so follow the links to win Resident Evil 5 or Dead Rising: Chop 'Till You Drop.
Remember, to win SFIV, you need to enter right here!


    I 'heart' Street Fighter because each character can be deadly if you know how to use them properly. Plus you actually need skill to be good! Oh and the soundtrack is awesome!

    Walking away from a SF arcade cabinet after performing Guiles frozen statue move, freezing the game.
    After being humiliated by losing all my hard earned money for the week (parents allowance),to the street corner champ...i took great satisfaction knowing he wouldn't embarace anybody else for the day.

    I heart Street Fighter because back in the Street Fighter II days I always thought it was Heartdouken.

    Any fighting game franchise that can do the following gets my love:
    • Survive a game like 'Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight',
    • Survive a movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Kylie Minogue,
    • Be made into a puzzle game.
    What's next for Street Fighter? Anyone for SOF (Street of Fighters), a MMO RPG?

    I 'heart'-douken Street Fighter because its awesome!

    i remember back way back when i would go over to a mate's to play(any one else remember those days? lol) and whoop everyone's asses until the alcohol set in, and not being one to hold my drink well promptly set a handicap. my fav character might be sagat or ehonda. dressed up as Ryu once for halloween, i've got had the muscles to pull it of before SFIV…stupid video game, setting an inconceivable perception of men. it's effecting my self-esteem and many of the younger generation who will grow up believing that is how society deems you must look like, raising a new generation of 'roid heads.

    jokes i love my some SF, i've got a ps3, send it my way please :D

    I heart Street Fighter because it gives me one of my fondest memories as a child.
    Street Fighter 1, a large arcade cabinet where the buttons were replaced with big punching pads. I remember watching two guys dressed in 80's denim, skin tight denim jeans, denim jackets with badges of 80's metal bands stitched all over them, long frizzy hair, playing the game.
    One guy was controlling Ryu, the other guy pounding the crap out of the buttons.
    The swapping with each round.

    What was most amusing was when they won a round they'd be all pumped and macho posing like they'd just beat the crap out of some guy.

    So I heart SF because it takes me back to my childhood and watching 80's metal wannabees punching stuff.

    I 'Heart' Capcom because they are constantly continuing their classic IPs with quality games and yet at the same time they continue to push new IPs as well. They know 100% who got them where they are today, and they thank us for that by never letting the quality of their new and old franchises slip.

    How do I heart thee.. let me count the ways.
    Solid character design, fantactic environment artwork, minimalist yet balanced moves, sound effects that although you hear over and over, never get old! It's the stuff obsessions are made of!

    I 'HEART' the Street Fighter had time and time again
    through out the years re-iterated and set the trend in fighting games.

    Awesome character designs in Bison, Sagat, Ken and Ryu? Check.

    Heaps of varied character moves showing true variation in fighting styles -
    Sumo palm, to crazy electrucution, wicked looking uper cuts, psycho crushers - Check.

    introduction of 1st hit, super finishes, parries, focus moves and juggles (vs series) - Check

    Best fighting music (except for ESAKA in KOF 98) - Check

    Funky challenge modes for bonus points, how quick you can beat up a car, destroy barrels etc. - Check

    Destructable environements (though limited) - Check.

    Need I go on?
    As you can see, Street Fighter has been at the apex of fighting games since day one.
    Ushering in enough variety and intersting touches and setting the standard
    time and time again causing players to clammor for
    more, and rightly so, it's a fantastic game series...whats not to heart?


    Jokes aside, for someone who grew up with SF how can you not 'heart' it for all the fun times its offered with friends (was there anything more fun than saturday nights playing SF?)

    I heart street fighter so much that although I know Sheng Long doesn't exist, I still yearn for the day I will beat him mercilessly to a pulp.

    I heart Street Fighter so much because it's "down-right-up" there as the most awesomist game ever! I will heart SFIV long time :)


    Why do I heart Street Fighter? Because back when I was in primary school all the other kids were playing Mortal Kombat and they said it was FAR superior to Street Fighter...but I stuck with it and now all those kids are playing MK vs DC...HA! Plus Hadoukens are bad arse!

    I heart Street Fighter because I knew the phrase "Tatsu maki senpu kyaku" at age 10 and nobody knew what I was talking about.

    I heart Street Fighter because it taught me that inter-racial same sex relationships can be about more than just 'rice-cracker' jokes.

    I heart Street Fighter IV because LittleBigPlanet told me to... it said that Share trophy wouldnt be mine until I shared the love.

    i heart SF4 because the series got me into gaming in the first place

    I heart capcom so much, that I eat Hadoukens for breakfast.

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