Breakfast Wrap: Best of Tuesday Night

breakfast peanutbutter.jpg

What a miserable morning, at least here in Sydney where it just won't stop raining. Good excuse to stay in and play some read about video games though.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising's 'Open World Modern Warfare'
Codemasters might have the surprise hit of the year on their hands here.

More Banjo-Kazooie To Love Next Week
Which reminds me, I've been meaning to return to Nuts & Bolts for a while now.

Finally A Dedicated Wii Yoga Game
Yeah, finally!

Sony Makes Its Big Announcement, PS2 Priced Under $100
Price drop for the US and Europe. No word locally though.

XNA Games Don't Sell, Don't Make Money
Depressing news, especially since we can't even buy them here.


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