Breakfast Wrap: Best of Tuesday Night

breakfast wednesday.jpg

Your breakfast this morning contains one delicious-looking new game trailer and four helpings of utter nonsense.

Handheld Game Parodies Heading to WiiWare
The puns might raise a chuckle, but please don't actually buy these things.

PETA Protests Baby Seal Clubbing In World Of Warcraft
Your thoughts on using a virtual world to stage a protest about the real one?

Funcom's The Secret World Is Not Safe For Frosty Treats
OK now, as a Longest Journey fan, this looks intriguing.

The Waggle-Powered Wii Lawnmower
Like, duh! Obviously.

Super Mario Bros. Strikes Back!
It's childish I know, but Wario R2D2 makes me giggle.


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