Red Faction Wants You To Choose Australia’s #1 Eyesore

Red Faction Wants You To Choose Australia’s #1 Eyesore

big-bananaTHQ is conducting a public survey to promote the upcoming release of Red Faction: Guerrilla. They ask: Which Aussie landmark would you most like to take to with a giant hammer?

Red Faction’s iconic weapon is a hammer. Not just any hammer… a space hammer capable of punching through concrete and steel to bring entire building crushing down.

So of course it stands to reason you’d want to use this space hammer to destroy some of Australia’s worst public landmarks. Survey suggestions include the Coffs Harbour’s Big Banana, Melbourne’s Federation Square and Sydney’s Toaster.

We’d like to see the “winning” eyesore be modelled in the game and released as DLC.

Go and vote here.


  • How is the Bell Tower and that new stupid ferris wheel thing (both in Perth) not on that list?

  • hahaha, I love it. Being in the ACT, I voted for Belconnen Mall, an awful grey blob of a thing that I spent many youthful days knocking about at. I also nominated the Sky Plaza apartments as what I’d also like to knock down, that thing is a bloody eyesore on the southside.

  • Most definitely “Aussie world” or the giant plastic Ayers Rock at Leyland Brothers world (now a truck stop) in between Sydney and Newcastle which are both eyesores and an embarrassment to Australian’s everywhere. Seriously people see this stuff and its not good.

    • I thought the faux Ularu was north of Newcastle. Its closer to Port Macquarie. And yes, it is hideous. But I think the worst offender is the Giant Oyster!

  • Taking out the Southern Star in the Melbourne Waterfront district would be awesome.

    Imagine smashing the supports at the bottom then watching it roll away leaving a bloody destructive trail…

  • Canberra’s a hole, but it’s not an ugly one. I think it’s the nicest city in Australia to look at.

    As for what I think the biggest eyesore in Australia is, I’d have to go with the ugly chick I saw at Flamingo’s in Goulburn when I was there a few weeks ago. She was just WRONG!!

  • Hey I live in canberra and whenever I travel through major towns in NSW all I think is dam these places are ugly most of it just massive warehouse stores like fyshwick but it goes on forever.

  • …and how f@#kin dare anyone out there make fun of our banana… after all its been through. It lost its shine… it went through a cyclone… it ate two f$%king kids, its owner turned out to be a bad businessman and sold it for a dollar. All you people care about are big merinos and prawns… and making money from misery. Its a banana ….. LEAVE BIG BANANA ALONE!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • These Big Things are as iconic to Australia as snobbery is to the French or punctuality is to the Germans or vodka is to the Russians. I propose that Australia’s #1 eyesore is this website.

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