Flash Fridays: Little Wheel

Flash Fridays: Little Wheel

little-wheels-picIn spirit of Samorost and all those adventure games where you click on hotspots to make bits of machinery work comes… Little Wheel.

Cleverly, all the relevant hotspots are highlighted for you, leaving the challenge of working out the order in which you need to click them.

The developer’s plot description goes thusly: “There was once a world of living robots. But one day a bad accident occured in the main power generator. The world fell into a deep sleep. Bring life back to the world!”

So you move your little robot around, clicking on gears and levers and all kinds of contraptions. Get them working properly and you’ll move onto the next screen and that world will be a little closer to waking up.

Give it a try.

Little Wheel [Fast Games]


  • That was really intuitive and fun, albeit short.

    Very well animated too, I really liked the art style and music.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • That was great. Yeah, exactly what Matfei said. Really intuitive and fun, but short, and I loved the art and music. Hurray.

  • Just an observation, but did anyone notice that the creators of “Little Wheel” are from Slovakia? Amanita Design (makers of “Samorost”) are from the Czech Republic, the country next door. That might explain why “Little Wheel” looks so much like “Machinarium”, Amanita Designs’ upcoming game. 😉

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