Jordan Mechner Reveals Last Express Prequel

the-last-express-screenplayJordan Mechner's The Last Express is regarded as one of the greatest adventure games of all time. Sadly, no one bought it and we never saw a sequel. Now, Mechner has revealed a script he wrote for a prequel, giving us a glimpse of what might have been.

Writing on his blog, Mechner says he recently "stumbled across" an unfinished screenplay he’d started, then abandoned, back in 2002.

Entitled Red Serpent, and set in 1904 Paris, ten years before the events of The Last Express, it would have been an early adventure of Robert Cath (still in medical school) and his best/worst friend Tyler Whitney (upgraded in this version to Cath’s half-brother — a change I don’t think I’d make today).

Mechner has made the incomplete script available on his blog. He also discusses what he likes and doesn't like looking back on it some seven years later.

Earlier this year, Mechner edited together a playthrough of The Last Express to show what it might look like as a movie.

Unfinished Last Express Prequel [Jordan Mechner]


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