Kids Re-Imagine Games As Hilarious Comic Strips

Kids Re-Imagine Games As Hilarious Comic Strips

kids blazing angels comicAs seen on Life Meter Comics, via GameSetWatch. Also, check out the others for Kirby, Mario and Metal Gear Solid.


    • I beleive it is a rather interesting take on societies discrepencies between generation X and generation Y.

      In the first panels, Mario depicts generation X’s inabilaty to accept that those of a younger generation are able to perform even the most meaningless tasks as squishing a Goomba. Essentially stating that GenX never gives GenY a chance.
      Panels 3 and 4 depict Generation Y’s struggle with previous generations as they gain power (depicted by the growing size of Luigi) and eventual overthrough of Generation X’s seat of power as depicted by Luigi (GenY) kicking Mario (GenX) into the lava.
      The final panel is by far the most profound as a new generation is depicted in a form most unusual to the previous generations. A kirby-esque adolecent (pimples) suggests “It’s-a-me Mario!”, reminding all of us that no matter when we were born, no matter what shape we take, ultimately we’re all human.

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