WIN! Kotaku’s Big Pile Of Crap!

WIN! Kotaku’s Big Pile Of Crap!

Wanna see some of the crap we’re giving away to one lucky Kotaku reader? Let’s delve into the pile and take a look.

As you should know, we’re giving away a big pile of crap. I get sent loads of gaming swag throughout the year and, by December, my desk is cluttered with all sorts of crap. So, to clear it out, I’m giving it all away to the reader who provides the most consistently thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments on the site between now and the end of the year.[imgclear]

Of course, when I say “crap” I don’t really mean that. There’s plenty of cool stuff in the Pile of Crap. Stuff like this: two brown paper bags with the 2K logo printed on them; a slightly crumpled Assassin’s Creed II t-shirt (size L); a 7-inch vinyl record from the Cult of Rapture; a little Batman: Arkham Asylum comic; a PSP postcard; and a whole bunch of Xbox 360 games (see if you can make out their titles). So, what do you think: cool or crap?

pile of crap 091222

Apologies for the blurry pic. I was obviously giddy with excitement. Oh, and stay tuned for more pics from the Pile of Crap this week.


  • I must say it’s amazing what lengths some publishers will go to to promote their product, considering that 99% of people buying the game will never even know these things exist. It’s definitely cool, but you’d think instead of laying people off if things aren’t looking good, they might cut down on manufacturing Vinyl EPs of soundtracks etc.
    It’s definitely some cool stuff though.

  • “a 7-inch vinyl record from the Cult of Rapture”

    Godly… anything that has to do with Bioshock is brilliant, the design asthetics created for the world of Rapture are completely immersing…

    • Cant agree more!

      I just finished setting up my girlfriends LP record player at our new place, hopefully Ill get to fill our halls with the sounds of Rapture… Mr Wildgoose willing of course.

      • Heroes Over Europe is correct, but Brutal Legend (2nd one under Skate 2) isn’t right as Brutal Legend is an MA15+ game…

        I can’t work it out either though…

    • Because 2K are considerate of the environment. Did you know that four times the amount of energy is used to manufacture paper vs. plastic bags? Or that 98 percent more energy is used to recycle paper vs. plastic bags.

      Either way, those 2K logos totally trick out those bags!

      Perhaps this is the start of a new reality TV show with Xzibit hosting what shall be known as “Pimp My Bag”

  • The Rapture Record from 2K’s various PR stunts from earlier in the year would be a great collector’s item. I wonder if it’s essentially the same Vinyl Record that comes in the Bioshock 2 Special Edition?

    However, it would still be great to say you owned a particular run of an item that was only given to a select few.

  • Wow, this is amazing. I really don’t know why to say. I guess… Thank you! I mean, I might not win, but you’re sharing all of this amazement with someone, anD I just think it’s a great thing to do.

  • I say cool.

    Also I wish I crapped things like this, mine is just messy and smelly. Then again there IS a copy of Prototype there so there’s some resemblance…

    Definitely like the Bioshock record, I’d probably frame it

  • Just the same as everyone else at the moment, i am absolutely flabbergasted!

    This just keeps looking better and better!

    I can’t, for the life of me, work out what is under skate 2 either.. looks like water in the picture though… but i could be wrong…

  • Sorry guys, but that PSP postcard is mine! I will have it. I shall possess it. Do not get in the way, or there shall be some … unpleasantries.

  • While the stack of games is tempting, the real drawcard here is definately the 2K paper bags. You can put stuff in them, carry them around, and then, when you’re done, use them to light a cozy fire! Think of the possibilities!

  • David, we all demand a miniature gramaphone to come with the Rapture vinyl! A brass one with red lacquered wood set upon black burnished legs…

    This is the best pile I;ve seen so far. That Arkham Asylum comic sweetened the deal by this ->| | much!

  • That’s some good swag there. I wouldn’t mind trying out Skate 2 again, I rented it a while ago and the mechanics while a bit fiddly, it was the most fun in a skating game I’ve had since the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series on my PS2. Now it seems Tony Hawk’s just gone downhill, but Skate was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Keep the pics coming Dave.

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