WIN! Kotaku’s Big Pile Of Crap!

WIN! Kotaku’s Big Pile Of Crap!

Wanna see some of the crap we’re giving away to one lucky Kotaku reader? Let’s delve into the pile and take a look.

As you should know, we’re giving away a big pile of crap. I get sent loads of gaming swag throughout the year and, by December, my desk is cluttered with all sorts of crap. So, to clear it out, I’m giving it all away to the reader who provides the most consistently thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments on the site between now and the end of the year.[imgclear]

Of course, when I say “crap” I don’t really mean that. There’s plenty of cool stuff in the Pile of Crap. Stuff like this: a Gears of War 2 Marcus Fenix figurine; a boxed copy of Borderlands on PS3; a Napoleon: Total War press kit; a cute little army dude USB stick; some sort of Warhammer 40K figure; a Gears of War 2 art book; a Tekken 6 art book; a copy of Tekken 6 signed by creator Katsuhiro Harada; a DJ Hero girls fitted t-shirt; a Professor Layton pocket watch; and some Style Boutique branded lip balm. So, what do you think: cool or crap?

WIN! Kotaku’s Big Pile Of Crap!

Oh, and stay tuned for more pics from the Pile of Crap this week.


    • As the post says, “I’m giving it all away to the reader who provides the most consistently thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments on the site between now and the end of the year.”

  • this makes my undergarments moist.

    That 40k fig… i… i must embrace it… heck, all of that stuff i must rub against my pale skin!!!

    Tomorrow i plan on doing something epic in this very post update to try and put my name up there for this one. DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!

    *gasp* “what could he mean?!”

    …you’ll see… oh… you’ll see….

  • Games are great, but this is the good stuff that is abit more unique and harder to find…

    Sign Copy of Tekken – Fantasically Awesome
    The Art Books – Very Awesome
    Press Kits – Awesome

    I shudder to think the size of the boxes that will be transporting all this…

  • … Professor… Layton… Pocket Watch…?

    Oh, excuse me, I seem to be foaming at the mouth.

    It is that silver one, right? I’d hate to think that I’ve just been staring at lip balm for the past 20 minutes. =|

  • Oh man oh man there’s so going to be masses of this stuff on ebay once the comp concludes.
    I know there’s stuff I’ve seen that I already have that I don’t need 2 of!

    Then again, one could always be noble and just only ask for the stuff one does not already have and allow the rest to be given away to another kotaku reader!

  • Wow, David.

    To that pocket watch, I must Proffess my love. That Tekken, I must Fight for. That USB I must Stick up for.

    All puns aside, this mountain of swag is looking a lot more like Heaven.

  • Warhammer 40K stuff, WOOO! Think my shorts just got smaller
    Marcus Fenix toy, Woo! Can have him dead at the feet of my lara croft toy
    PS3 Borderlands, Woo! Been thinking of getting it recently
    Napoleon Total War press kit, Woo! Total War is always awesome

    Also I need a watch and my lips are a bit chapped at the moment so even those are awesome! The signed tekken 6 would make one of my friends sick with envy and the dj hero shirt could be a great present for a girlfriend if I ever happen to get one of those (Is there one in the “big pile of crap”™?)

  • There is a looooooot of stuff in the big pile of crap, how the hell are you gonna send it all? Also, I’m surprised you were able to retrain yourself from taking it all home, stuff has to be worth a fortune, as well as just being plain awesome and hard to get? Shame only one person gets it all though, 🙁

  • Oh, if I were to get that pocket watch, I most certainly would buy a top hat and monocle just so I could fit it into an entire ensemble.

    Plus it would make be a hit with the ladies. Probably. Maybe. No chance whatsover.

  • That big pile ‘o crap has something in it for everyone. You’ve covered PS3, 360, DS, and Wii. You’ve got t-shirts, figurines, watches, records, postcards, comics, cases, hardware, hats, books, balls, lip balm, bags, bottles, and badges!

    I am truly impressed. That is one amazing list. And you say there’s more?! Holy pile of crap, Batman!

  • wow, after seeing all the pics of said pile o’ crap begs the question, if this is only part of what you kept, how much did you end up having to give back? (also where’s the kitchen sink, you got everything in the pile but that xD )

    also how long do you generally get with a product before you are forced to move on to the next? you guys must get swamped at times 🙂

  • You definately meant it when you said it was big. Trying to imagine how the person who wins all of this is going to feel… Best. Christmas. Ever.

    And all you guys making fun of the lip balm – proves that gaming competitions aren’t just for guys. Also, that DJ Hero tshirt is really cute.

    Who wouldn’t say no to a pocket watch, and a Professor Layton one at that!

  • Hell yes, could definately go for that lip balm personally, makes me more kissable 😉
    Borderlands also looks brilliant… has been reccomended to me numerous times, so much of this stuff I was planning to buy anyway, this is brilliant!

  • I wonder if this high class banter will be kept up AFTER the competition. I mean I can see a hell of a lot more posting, but im not sure if the quality has gone up…
    Nah but some people have definitely sprouted some articulation, so I guess we should be encouraging that!

    remember people: quantity < quality

    • I’m trying to see the down-side to this competition, and I can’t. I see a whole lot less leetspeak, a lot more conversation, and pictures of a Professor Layton Pocket Watch – I think everyone’s a winner here.

  • That Marcus figurine ain’t too bad, by my reckoning. Borderlands is good fun, so one of my PS3-endowed friends will be recieving a late Chrissy present this year. Also that Napoleon Total War stuff looks alright.

  • This has seriously got to be one of the most interesting and innovative competitions you’ve created to date David.
    There’s no particular way in which a reader can have even an inkling as to whether they have a chance to win. Though I’d love to win all this stuff, I doubt I’ll be active enough to actually post my thoughts on what I read. Guess I could always try though; good luck everyone =D

    In other news, I lost my psp in Miranda Westfield today. It had Dissidia in it; the one I won a few months ago from you guys.
    fml 🙁

    • Sorry for your loss mate… but I agree that it is schwoit for David and the guys to be sharing the love this year! I get a trickle of promo gear myself (and as such I hereby preclude myself from winning anything), but its very gracious and inventive for him/them to utilise the PoC to generate classier discussion. Fingers crossed it keeps the plums in the mouths of posters for a while yet…

  • This has quickly become the best competition to win on the face of the planet! Ever since the dawn of the x386 have nerds dreamed of winning such a bounty!

    Id like to know what KPI’s DW is using to evaluate such an insurmountable tally of posts here upon these forums. “the most consistently thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile” leaves alot to the imagination…

    As for my helpful comment for the day, did you know research indicates that plants grow healthier when they are stroked?

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