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Say hi to William Grey and Nikola Tesla, stars of Capcom's Dark Void. Will, Nik, say hi to the Kotaku readers. Why the personal introductions? Because Dark Void is the only game out this week.

Will is the square-jawed, Boy's Own Adventure styled hero. He's voiced by Nolan North, he of Uncharted fame. And guess what? Will Grey is basically Nathan Drake. I know, I'm in shock too.

Nikola is the well-groomed chap in the dapper brown waistcoat. He isn't voiced by Nolan North. Phew. The same Tesla who revolutionised electrical engineering over 100 years ago, Nikola finds himself trapped in a hostile parallel universe with Will. Together they whip up crazy inventions - like a jet pack - to fight an alien race.

Do you wanna hang out with Will and Nik this week?

New releases for the w/c January 18:

Dark Void (360, PS3) What Is It? Third-person shooter that mixes in aerial combat and a unique vertical cover system that ironically doesn't scale any great height. Should You Care? In a slow week, it's worth a look if corny, campy B-movies are your thing.


    I really was looking forward to this game for a long time, until the demo came out.
    I'll pick it up anyway to see if the full game is better, but might have to do the old 7 day return.

    Was the demo on XBL? Cause i'll probably download it then instead of hiring it.

    I too was looking forward to this until i saw really new gameplay trailers etc... which just didn't do it for me. So it became something i hired than bought but if theres a demo, then that could soon change.

    Back to Nolan - since i can only remember him from Uncharted, are all his other roles in games have the same voice in Uncharted? Does he mix it up a little, AT ALL?

      Yeah he does, I watched a FFXII video of Vossler to see if I could spot it now, and couldn't.
      So it seems like the voice directors on new games now are either saying "be yourself" or "be kinda like Drake"

      He was Romeo in ODST who sounds nothing like Drake. But now I have to go listen to Vossler...geez

      Even though the voice work for Drake is great & is welcome in every game - it would get REALLY annoying knowing that he doesn't have much talent beyond one particular voice.

      Luckily, he has more than one, wheef!

        Yeah, so lucky that these voice actors have more than one character in them... FFS look at any of the Simpsons cast- Harry Shearer and Hank Azaria in particular do DOZENS of the regular characters each and no-one can tell the difference. Lay off Nolan ppl- after all he has a right to earn work and fame off his name alone. It works for Samuel L Jackson...

    The demo made this look utterly terrible. Bad graphics and clunky gameplay.

    It's comming out on PC aswell. You might want to correct that (360, PS3) thing. Check:
    Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows
    Please stop ignoring the PC as a console, please.

      The boxed retail release of the PC version isn't out this week. It's still TBC. However, it is available via Steam.

      The Week In Games posts only cover retail releases, not digital downloads.

        Even with that being the case, I wouldn't expect a mention of it in next week's post.

          You're right, it won't be out next week.

    Really was not impressed by the demo. A shittier Halo with even worse controls. Oh, sorry I forgot- it has a crap jetpack that is only SLIGHTLY easier to control than Superman in... well, any of the awful games that have been knocked together with him in them. I got sick of shooting Star Wars-type bots very very quickly and didnt even get a "Roger Roger" to lighten the mood.

    I only just realised Nolan North was also Desmond in Assassin's Creed 2. The guy is everywhere! What a job!

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