iGEA Announces Submission To R18+ Discussion

iGEA Announces Submission To R18+ Discussion

The Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (iGEA) has announced that today it made its submission to the Attorney-General’s Department on the R18+ discussion. Along with some insightful statistics, they are again calling for the community to get submissions in before the deadline in two weeks time.

Ron Curry, CEO of iGEA, points to overwhelming community support for an adult rating as central to why this R18+ rating must be introduced.

“Australia needs an adult rating so adults can play games that are age appropriate for them and parents can make educated choices for their families based on clear, consistent guidelines. With the deadline for submissions closing on February 28, we urge the community to make their voices heard in support of an adult classification,” said Curry.

Reminder: we’re the only Western country without an adult classification for video games. And according to recent research and polls, Australians are widely supportive of the concept of the consistent use of R18+.

– News Limited’s poll shows 95.5 per cent of respondents vote for an R18+ classification – A Fairfax poll indicates 97 per cent of respondents believe Australia should introduce an R18+ rating – Channel 7 Sunrise’s poll reveals 97 per cent of respondents would like R18+ games permitted – Furthermore, the Interactive Australia 09 report by Bond University found that 91 per cent of gamers and non-gamers believe the classification should be introduced

“There have been some claims an R18+ classification will expose Australia to unlimited high level content but this is simply not the case. The Classification Board will still refuse games that exceed the adult rating guidelines. An R18+ classification is essential to protect consumers whilst providing them with the full information to make educated decisions about their entertainment choices,” said Curry.

UPDATE: At a quick scan of the iGEA document, there is an excellent point raised on the question of games being modified for local release to suit the MA15+ category. Examples raised were GTA IV and Silent Hill: Homecoming. With the negative comment suggesting these modifications are a “great result for consumers.”

In response, the iGEA submission states: “These are ‘adult themed games’… Is it better to have them modified for an adolescent audience, or have them restricted to an adult audience?”

This is the first time the industry itself has pointed to the possibly negative effect of allowing games that should rightly be rated R18+ into the lower MA15+ category through a few simple modifications.

To sign a petition for an R18+ classification for video games, you can log on to www.growupaustralia.com or directly at the Attorney-General’s Department at http://www.ag.gov.au/gamesclassification.

The iGEA’s submission can be found here. This is well worth a read as it contains many useful insights for those still writing their own submissions as well as great foundations for informing others around you who don’t understand what this argument is all about.

Submissions close February 28. That’s less than two weeks, people! Once you’re done, don’t forget to email us your closing comments so we can share the best argued statements with the rest of the community.


  • Those poll statistics are encouraging. How can His Royal Doucheness, the *cough* honourable Atkinson, continue to say Australia is opposed to the R rating when polls clearly show otherwise? And not marginally – these are landslide results.

    • Insulting him achieves nothing except proving in his mind that gamers are not mature enough to deserve the R18+ rating. Insults and death threats are the reason he’s only become more steadfast in his opposition.

      Sure, he’s wrong, but attack his arguments, not the man.

    • The problem is that only SA residents can do anything about the A.T’s position, while he continues to have such a massive impact on the rest of us.

    • Sadly, statistics mean nothing to Atkinson, he’s going to claim they are biased/sponsored by game companies so they can make more sales etc.

    • While those poll results are encouraging, they’re easily discredited by someone like Atkinson due to the fact they can be anonymous if they’re like the ones that are in the Herald Sun and you SMS a number to cast your vote, and there is no way to tell what sort of cross section of the community voted.

      Someone delusional as him can just say that it was Gamers voting and it doesnt represent the true view, which in his eyes is his view.

      However, if they are a properly conducted poll with Fairfax and News Ltd doing the polling…then yeah, you cant argue with those figures.

    • Atkinson doesn’t say Australia is opposed to the R rating. He says HE’S opposed to the R rating, and that seems to be all that matters to him.

      SA state election next month, people!

  • “This is the first time the industry itself has pointed to the possibly negative effect of allowing games that should rightly be rated R18+ into the lower MA15+ category through a few simple modifications.”

    That’s my primary mode of argument with the current system. It’s the easiest for non-gamers to understand as well.

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