Interzone CEO Marty Brickey responds

Last week we published a letter from Tim Colwill outlining the approaching collapse and possible liquidation of Perth developer Interzone Games. Interzone global CEO Marty Brickey has made contact with Kotaku Australia and offers what he feels are important corrections to the story.

We should note this was received mid last week, so Brickey responded quickly to the claims. Due to some email delays this message was not received until Sunday.

The story has progressed since we first shared Colwill’s insider perspectives. Mike Turner was on site during the later half of last week, locks have been changed, and the Interzone Games offices are now off limits to staff. According to stories running in The West Australian and WA Business News, staff have been picketing the offices.

We have sent a number of follow up requests to Brickey based on the below information, as well as the story in progress.


After being directed to your article I felt it was necessary to offer some corrections.

First, I never said and have evidence that your source Tim knew before this article was published that it is and has always been our intention to settle out tax debt and Super in Perth.

Secondly, a big part of our tax problem began when the payroll company we were using there went bankrupt after it had already deducted over $450k in taxes and never paid them to the ATO.

Third, Big Collision is our European operations arm and is ran from the US it is not a studio and does not have 1 employee.

Fourth, Mike and Greg also have deferred their own pay in the interest of the company and have more outstanding funds owed to them than anyone one else.

Next, IZ has sunk millions of foreign dollars into the Perth economy, we were initially told that there would be much more than the $500k made available to us in R&D and other grants but they never came to fruition.

Next, IZ has not received millions in funding. And the list goes on.

Let me be clear that to this day we are very close to closing a major round of funding and have always had the intention of making Perth whole through proper channels if in fact we make a full exit from Australia, and in fact we have suspended operations there until a resolution can be met.

The last 18 months have seen extremely difficult times for a lot of companies, there are plenty of fortune 500 companies that could be singled out. We have always worked in the mutual best interest of the entire organization, which is why our employees have stock and still have the opportunity to benefit – which is very rare in this industry. I believe InterZone will succeed in launching its game and it will do so with every individual that has ever been a part of the organization being properly taken care of.

Best Regards
Marty Brickey

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