Listen To Games Journalists Talk About The Future

Listen To Games Journalists Talk About The Future

The future of what, we can only guess. But if you head along to the return of Byteside in Sydney tonight, you’ll be able to find out for yourself.

Byteside is the live event where tech and games mix freely with passionate debate and plenty of beer. It’s back tonight for its first show of 2010 and at a brand new venue.

The theme tonight is “the future” and two panels – one tech, one games – will mull over that very topic. The games one will feature Jeremy Ray (aka ex-Good Game host Junglist), Guy Blomberg (aka Yug from Australian Gamer) and Stephen Farrelly (from, confusingly, AusGamers).

When: Tuesday, 2 February. 6pm onwards. Where: Hotel CBD, Jam Bar, 52 King St Sydney Price: FREE!

Just make sure you RSVP now to reserve your spot.

S02E01 The Future [Byteside]


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