Tomorrow Byteside Pwns First-Person Shooters

Shameless plug. But hey, when in Rome... or in this case, when you have access... Tomorrow Byteside features Junglist, David Hollingworth from Atomic, Richie Young from Game Arena, and me as your host! We're talking about the world's dominant gaming genre: the FPS.

If you're in Sydney, get your name on the RSVP list and head down to Hotel CBD tomorrow night. Doors open at 6.00pm, Tech show starts at 7.00pm, Games show starts at 8.30pm. On Tech they're talking laptops.

It's free (though you have to buy your own drinks) and it's a fun night out. And hey, I host it! What else do you want?

(Don't answer that)

You can also catch the first episode of 2010, on the Future of Gaming, right here, as well as all the previous shows.


    Awesome!... you gotta talk about BFBC2's destruction as a complete FPS gamechanger when it comes to tactics.... ie: Camping n00b's get pwned with the whole building crushing them. MWAHA HA HA HA!!! This is where all FPS's should be heading from now on.

      Red Faction has destructible environments and it was released in 2001, so it's not quite a new thing...

      I wish I could attend, although i can't attend i will be watching the videos posted on the website.

    also..... Junglist FTW!!! A God among insects.

    Hang on for 2 more years.. I'll be there then.

    So when are you going to head south? Melbournians need love too :'(

    Is there any talk of doing a show at the Mana Bar when it opens?

      I would sign up for a Melb show so fast the B-list wouldn't know what hit it.

      Yeah, I'm kinda jonesing for a Melbourne based session.

    What exactly is byteside and is it recorded and then placed on the net?

    I miss Junglist =(

    Byteside is a kind of Roundtable sit and chat about stuff. No videos pictures of games etc.... just some guys in the know talking about gaming. A few people think it's crap because of the lack of footage but these are the same people who won't read a book because the graphics are crap.
    It's a great show.

    "but these are the same people who won’t read a book because the graphics are crap."

    HA HA That gave me my giggle for the day..Thanks.

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