Tomorrow Byteside Pwns First-Person Shooters

Tomorrow Byteside Pwns First-Person Shooters

Shameless plug. But hey, when in Rome… or in this case, when you have access… Tomorrow Byteside features Junglist, David Hollingworth from Atomic, Richie Young from Game Arena, and me as your host! We’re talking about the world’s dominant gaming genre: the FPS.

If you’re in Sydney, get your name on the RSVP list and head down to Hotel CBD tomorrow night. Doors open at 6.00pm, Tech show starts at 7.00pm, Games show starts at 8.30pm. On Tech they’re talking laptops.

It’s free (though you have to buy your own drinks) and it’s a fun night out. And hey, I host it! What else do you want?

(Don’t answer that)

You can also catch the first episode of 2010, on the Future of Gaming, right here, as well as all the previous shows.


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