Who Won Those Copies Of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call Of Pripyat?

Last week we were giving away copies of open world shooter S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call Of Pripyat on PC. You sent us some brilliant "In Soviet Russia..." pics. Here are the fifteen winning entries.

If your pic is here, you won! If it isn't, unfortunately you didn't win. All the entries can be viewed in the gallery over here.

Congrats to the below fifteen guys. I'll be in touch tomorrow (when I'm back in the office) to organise your prize delivery.


    Woo! Thanks Dave!

    Zero divides by you ftw!

    OMG!!!! Thats awesome! I was having SUCH a horrible morning!

    Damn i thought i had a good one too haha.

    good choices for winners though, some clever stuff there. Well done all!

    One thing this comp has taught me, however, is that a lot of people just don't get meme's. lol

    woohoo! Thankyou!

      Good to see you in the Kotaku winners circle. Great entry too. Although I am sad my Dancing Borris Yeltsin did not make the grade.

      I'm with dean - your entry was easily my favorite - awesome stuff man!

    YAY !!!
    Thanks alot guys !!
    Congrats to the other units who won, so seriously funny entries in there.

    Woot, thanks David! :D

    Grats to the other winners!

    Awesome! Thanks, Kotaku. My favourite entries all got in as well. They should give 15 of everything away, this is actually a happy thread, as opposed to the usual "Winning entry was crap, David you suck" patrol!

    Awesome! Thanks David! With that many good entries I really didn't expect to win. You've made my day sir! ^^

    WOOOT! Already have the other two, so really winning this was the deciding factor in having to spend 70$ (or whatever) or not (:

    Congratulations to the rest of the winners too, i definitely think the helicopter and the 'you call Pripyat' ones were brilliant, great comedic work.

    Thanks David!

    Anyone else still waiting on contact?

      Expect an email tonight!

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