WIN! No More Heroes 2 Wii Game & T-Shirt

WIN! No More Heroes 2 Wii Game & T-Shirt

No More Heroes 2 arrives in Australia this week, exclusively on Nintendo Wii. We’ve got copies of the game and the limited edition, Australian-exclusive t-shirt to give away.

Thanks to All Interactive Entertainment, we have FIVE copies of No More Heroes 2 on Wii and FIVE No More Heroes 2 t-shirts up for grabs. That’s the same t-shirt we showed you last week.

No More Heroes’ “hero” Travis wears the shirt in the game. The only other way you can get it is through buying the game at retailer GAME.

So how do you win?

It’s photo competition time!

In No More Heroes, Travis Touchdown is a geek – or otaku – who becomes an assassin. In No More Heroes 2, he dual-wields katana lightsabers. You don’t get much geekier than that.

You’re all geeks – or otaku – so we want you to show us why you’d make a good assassin. So send us a photo of yourself proving why being a geek makes you the perfect assassin. Please don’t kill someone for real though!

Multiple entries are not allowed. Photoshop is allowed, but you must use a photo of yourself as a source. Your photo must also show the Kotaku logo actually in the photo – not ‘shopped in later.

You’ve got until midnight Sunday, May 30, to get your entry in. Once your photo is ready, save it as a jpeg with a filesize no more than 200k, and send it to the usual address.

Good luck!

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