Buy No More Heroes 2, Get Travis Touchdown's T-Shirt

Travis Touchdown is one cool dude. That's him there, slicing some fools with his katana in Wii action/adventure No More Heroes 2. Do you like his t-shirt?

I ask because All Interactive Entertainment, the Aussie distributor of No More Heroes 2, has gone and printed up a bunch of Travis Touchdown t-shirts. Not t-shirts with Travis on them, but the actual t-shirt he's wearing in the game.

They're pretty exclusive, too. You can only get them in Australia. And you can only get them if you buy No More Heroes 2 from GAME in Australia.

Of course, fashion is subjective. What do you think of the shirt? Is it a touchdown? Or is it a... Travis-tee?



    I want to like it, but I don't ... I'm far to old for that T. I fear I'd end up on the ANCOR list if I tried to wear that in public.

    Do want! That shirt would look awesome in a frame... and on my wall! Game already have my money.

    There were so many shirts in the first game that I wish I could own for real, but sadly this one does not join those ranks.

    It's a "I'll be shot in public wearing it but still want one anyway" t-shirt.

    Then again, I wear my Blanka SSFIV preorder tshirt to bed so yeah...

    Would take a real man to wear that.... thing.... in public.

    That is a nice shirt but I imported and beat this title back in February. A bit late methinks?

    I'd say that this is guaran-tee'd to help cosplayers, but I think outside of that it's practicali-tee is fairly limited. And I think it would take a migh-tee-ly brave man to wear it in public as harassment is a definite certain-tee...

    Or you could just buy it and give it to your girlfriend... that would probably be more simple.

      You, sir, brought a tee-r to my eye.

      Whether or not tha-tees (that is? bit of a stretch?) a good thing is left tee be seen.

        Aye, I see what ye mean... tee be sure, tee be sure...

      i don't care about how people think about my appearance. that tee is awesome, some kind of collection, so i'd buy 2 and wear one of them anytime...

      was it a challenge?
      if yes, did i won something?

    Pre-ordered awhile ago! Can't wait for the game and shirt :D

    Long since pre-ordered, and I shall wear that shirt with pride and honor.

    It's the kind of shirt that's asking to be worn with a jacket, as a kind of secret shame waiting to be exposed. If only I had a proper Travis jacket to go with it.

    I might get it to frame, but the missus would pinch it straight out.

    But whats going on... since when does australia get exclusive stuff!? lol

    I've worn a lot of weird crap, but this takes things a bit too far (much like the game itself).
    I'd get a few more weird looks if I wore this in public. I mean, more than usual.

    There is no way in hell I could pull off a shirt like that, I'm sure it would look good on my other half though. After all, she's much better looking than me anyways :P

    Wait, whens this come out?

    Does anyone know if this applied to pre-orders on the GAME website?

      i also want to know this any help

    As someone whose wardrobe consists almost entirely of Tshirts & jeans I have to say...they couldn't have picked a WORSE design! Out of all the awesome shirts Travis has, this is what they think people want?
    (..yeah, i'll still buy it anyway...)

    Hm, would it be weirder for a guy or a girl to be wearing that shirt?

    I would so wear it, even though I know it's not really the best thing for public. But what are they going to know about bizarre jelly?

    What's going on with the western release of the PS3 version of the first one? Is that still not happening?

    Read about this on Aussie-nintendo a few weeks ago, went in to pre-order it and the staff didn't even know about their own deal, lol. Shirt only comes in large apparently. Can't wait.

    definitely wouldn't be able to pull that shirt off.

    >Australia only

    You guys better cherish this, goddammit!

    Honestly I think the only man who could feasibly pull off wearig this shirt in public would be the offspring resulting from an unholy union between Bear Grylls and Chuck Norris...

    Not gonna lie... I will wear this

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