12 Days Of Christmas: Insert Coin

I – quite legitimately – lost my freakin’ mind over an Indiana Jones t-shirt last week. And this week it’s happening all over again with Insert Coin Clothing, creators of some genuinely cool t-shirts on a video game theme.

I have a fair amount of gaming t-shirts, but these are little more subtle. And when someone gets the joke, there’s that heartwarming little moment of connection – ‘you loved that stupid game as much as me, and you remember all those stupid little details! Let’s be best friends forever!’

My personal favourite of the bunch is the Klobb t-shirt. And not because it was my favourite gun in Goldeneye – the precise opposite. As anyone who has ever played Goldeneye for a decent length of time will be able to tell you, the Klobb was the biggest piece of crap gun on the planet.

Still, I have a soft spot in my heart for the Klobb – that useless, flaccid, piece of gun technology that would struggle to put a dent in a gerbil – and this t-shirt represents that weapon perfectly.


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