Ballet Gets A 1Up Thanks To Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros made the leap to the big screen, and that didn't work. What about the leap to ballet? One school in Brazil tested out Mario's twinkle toes.

School plays are great. Handmade backdrops and colourful costumes. The kids at Brazil's Maria Imaculada de Porto Alegre recently gave their ballet recital, titled "Super Mario Ballet Recital: The Abduction of Princess Peach".

The recital ended up as a seven act production, with various ages and abilities of ballet students. Just goes to show that there is more to ballet than Swan Lake and The Nutcracker. There's Super Mario Bros, for example.

Reino do Cogumelo: Veja como foi o recital Super Mario Ballet: O Rapto da Princesa Peach [Reino do Cogumelo via GoNintendo]


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