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“Only one person so far,” said the very nice Nintendo rep, “didn’t change Mario into his swimsuit.”

That didn’t surprise me.

It’s a gorgeous Friday afternoon. I am the last appointment of the day. The last person this nice lady will guide through Super Mario Odyssey. A video game that will almost certainly be ‘brilliant’. Brilliant is a dead word, but it applies. Super Mario Odyssey will sparkle, dazzle, it will shine brightly.

But here I am thinking about nipples. Talking, even, about nipples.

Nipples. Nipples. Nipples.


There was a time, so many years ago now, when it felt like we had too much Metroid. The simultaneous launch of Prime and Fusion in 2002, followed up with another one-two volley of Metroids two years later. "Slow down!" we cried. "We can't keep up with all this Metroid!"


In the past couple of months there's been a phrase that haunts me. It reverberates in my dreams and my darkest nightmares. It's the first words I hear when I arrive home from work. It's the first words I hear when being woken up at 530am on a still-dark Saturday morning.

"Daddee. DADDEE. Can I play YOUR game."


Some of the people who make Pokemon fan games are scared, if not a bit angry. They have been crafting amazing Pokemon games that rival the official releases for a decade, dodging lawsuits and relying on increasingly dated tools. It's never been easy, but it's also never been as stressful as it is today.


Look I'm not saying the Nintendo SNES is absolutely going to happen. I'm saying it should happen.

It should happen because it's greatest console of all time, and the market for something like this clearly exists.

It should happen because I think about the games Nintendo could put on a device like this and I literally get giddy inside.

So I decided to make a list.