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We sometimes hear the tales behind the making of Nintendo’s greatest games: the Zeldas, the Marios and the Metroids. Let us bend our ears for another tale, this time of the making of Gold Digger, a game about a finger interacting with a nose.


The Switch is doing rather well, but Nintendo's stock hasn't been of late. The company's share price has dropped 27 percent since hitting its peak in May, and a new report has revealed that one trader has been making a huge bet against the company.


Need more Chain Chomp in your life? Or maybe you'd like to know what Nintendo have got planned for Smash this year. Then you'll probably want to watch their E3 2018 Direct, which you can do here.


One of 2013's best surprises was the release of four unusual games for the Nintendo 3DS, all experimenting with a new style of multiplayer game little seen in the long history of interactive entertainment. The games were made by four Japanese studios, all overseen by Nintendo. Where did the games come from? Why were they made? And what's up with that 10-person StreetPass limit? Today, we have answers, straight from Nintendo HQ in Kyoto, Japan.


One of the most interesting parts of the Nintendo Switch has gone nearly unused by game developers, including Nintendo, for the first year of the system's existence. A mind-blowing demonstration last week, however, showed that the little sensor on the bottom of the right Joy-Con is more capable than we ever imagined.


In this video I quickly check out the Labo Variety pack's Motorbike, Piano and House experiences. I also try the Robot from the Robot Labo kit. The Robot is neat as a novelty but seems shallow. The House, however, was the showcase's best surprise.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's second piece of downloadable content, The Champions' Ballad, is a distillation of everything the game does well. Its collection of puzzle shrines holds some of the most inspired moments of the series, culminating in a wonderfully complex final dungeon. It is a strong end to the DLC season that elevates one of the year's best games to further heights.


When Nintendo unveiled its lineup of launch-year games for Switch back in January, most people had the same thought: Which of these is gonna get delayed? I mean, delaying games is what Nintendo does. So who could have suspected it would actually release everything this year?


Launching in late 2012, Nintendo's Miiverse allowed Wii U and later 3DS owners to hang out and share stuff like hand-drawn pictures and screenshots. The service closed down yesterday, and users have said their goodbyes in the most Miiverse ways imaginable: with stick figures, tears and hairy dicks.


There was a time, so many years ago now, when it felt like we had too much Metroid. The simultaneous launch of Prime and Fusion in 2002, followed up with another one-two volley of Metroids two years later. "Slow down!" we cried. "We can't keep up with all this Metroid!"