Drunkémon — Gotta Regret ‘Em All

Drunkémon — Gotta Regret ‘Em All

Apparently in the throes of a bad breakup, one artist did what we all do in times of disappointment and distress: Seek medication in the form of that good, good likker. Then he made up some Pokémons.

Kevin Nguyen, an editor of The Bygone Bureau, drew this, saying it was inspired by a breakup. We’re assuming a woman named Lindsay was involved. As was a douchebag named Jared. And some bartender who was tired of Kevin scaring off the clientele.

Anyway, the evolved form of drunken Kevin has the attacks “ANGRY DRUNKK DAIL” and “TAK A PISS ALL OVER JAREDOUCHE’S BMW.” They are, wait for it, super ineffective.

Pokemon I Invented While I Was Drunk [The Bygone Bureau via Infinite Lives]

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