Kinect Hack Shows Star Wars Holograms Not So Far, Far Away

The tech behind the Xbox 360's new camera controller, Kinect, is now being used for an impressive - most impressive - new feat: the ability to capture 3D images, transmit them over the internet and display them in holographic form.

That's not necessarily a new thing, but the Object-Based Media Group at the MIT Media Lab is doing it with off-the-shelf hardware and doing so better than previous holographic milestones. According to an MIT News report, the Kinect-powered hologram transmitter uses a single camera and can update transmissions at a speed of 15 frames per second over the internet.

Compare that to a similar holographic transmitter from 2010 that uses 16 cameras and updates at just two frames per second and we're betting the Galactic Empire is already stocking up on Kinects.

MIT researchers believe they'll be able to eventually reach 30 frames per second with their Kinect hologram capture system.

Michael Bove of the Object-Based Media Group, with help from Princess Leia, explains how it works and what it looks like in a video that probably doesn't capture the tech all that well.

MIT News delves deeper into the hardware and software that makes holograms possible with Kinect.

3-D TV? How about holographic TV? [MIT News via Andy Baio]


    That was impressive... right up until I watched the video.

    I envisioned something slightly different while reading the article. :)

      I concur.

    just like Star Wars or GTFO.


    Is that red thing meant to be the hologram? And is it meant to look like the actress?

    The projector needs more work... but, yeah.
    What Kizaru said:
    "Just like Star Wars or GTFO".

    why...why would anyone bother? people seem to use kinect to do rudimentary things in a roundabout way just so they can go OMFG ITS KINECT.

    we have webcams these days, that capture stuff without making it look like an unrecognizable red blob, and im sure the fancier webcam softwares can make u look damn ugly like that too if u wanted it to

    What I've always said. Kinect = awesome tech, as people are finding.

    But pointless as a gaming controller.

    That video can be summed up as 'We've used the Kinect cameras to generate this image!'

    Insert random red blur




    You guys are far too dismissive. You want it to work instantly? Lol. It has to start somewhere and this is as good of a start as any. I hope they continue to work on it and get to perfect it.

      I don't expect it to be amazing, but I would expect to be able to recognise the 'hologram' as something. Anything.
      I couldn't tell wether that red mess was the lady or the Kinect or something else altogether.

      Film using Kinect...
      Display on this:


        Counterpoint win.

        Bet you its noisy as heck though.

    What does it say about Kinect that people seem to have more fun using it for things that Microsoft didn't intend?

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