Mass Effect 2 For PlayStation 3 Is Also A Download

It may be a little late, but Mass Effect 2 for the PlayStation 3 is doing something seriously right. In addition to coming on good old reliable Blu-ray discs next week, it's also coming to Sony's PlayStation Network.

BioWare will release a digital download version of Mass Effect 2 on January 18 on the PlayStation Store - in North America, at least - removing the need to venture out of doors to buy yourself a copy. Hell, you don't even need to open the front door to pick up a delivered package. Just download the thing.


    Okay, so it was on two dual layer discs so it wouldn't be a full bluray disc (hey... just how much are most PS3 games padded?), but still - who would want to download ~15gb of a game?

    Granted there are people in the world with better internet than us, but I could drive to Melbourne and back before my DL had any chance of finishing.

      @AmbroseIV, I downloaded the DC Universe Beta twice because the first one was apparently corrupted, that's 34GB all up.
      It raises what I see as the best feature of PS+, auto downloads.
      Start, the game downloads, turn the console off. It wakes itself up at 2am and downloads everything.
      With 200GB relatively cheap these days it's not too bad.

      The HD remakes for the god of war games are about this big, I think its 19gb for the two of them.

      It's not a bad idea by any means (I probably should've mentioned that), I'm just expressing some frustration that it's still unfeasible for many.

      And 200gb will cost me $220 per month-it's just the exchange I live near. Nothing I can do about it, hence the frustration :/

        When was the last time you checked what you could get on your exchange.
        I was in the same boat until a few month ago when Telstras regional exchanges got opened up to others.

          I get 100G/100G for $60 a month (family gives me $20 also as they leech it wireless) and I only work nightfill at the moment. If your with Telstra I understand (but not really because why would you be with them :P). So I let them download on my PS3 overnight. Its only a small chunk of my data really.

            You can get 500GB Optus for that price :D

            Data is cheap these days... But how good are the servers at allowing users to download 20GB worth of a game.... Even at 1mb/s its going to set you back about 5 hours to download 1 game...

    I like where this is going. MS and Sony have been reluctant to allow simultaneous releases for games thus far. I guess this is a exception of sorts due to being an 'old' game.

      In theory it's good, but with the reality being they always charge the full RRP of the physical media for the digital download there's really not much reason to bother unless you don't live anywhere near a shop (that in most cases sell cheaper than RRP) and don't want to wait for delivery by ordering online.

      They're charging you more despite giving you less and having much lower overheads.

    Depending on the cost i might DL it instead of buying it at a store.

    I ordered mine last week for the "web-only" price of $69 delivered! It seems that they have since bumped the price up $20 since getting closer to release, its now $89.00.

    Link ->

    It is probably still cheaper than what it would cost on the PSN though, can't wait! Just got Mass Effect from steam for $20, probably should have got it earlier as it looks like Mass Effect 2 will be waiting until after I finish the original.

    Only got to play it for half an hour last night but I'm hooked already!

      I'm going for $63 incl shipping from ozgameshop.

        Err... I don't mean that I'M going for $63. I'd cost a hell of a lot more than that :P I meant I'm going for Mass Effect 2 for that price. Just in case clarification was required :P

        Yeah, the problem I've got with ozgameshop is that they sell the UK version, and not the Australian one.

        Always have great prices though.

          Yeah, but the UK version will work on an Australian console since the games are region free. It might be an issue for DLC (is UK DLC different from Australian?) but this already includes all the DLC anyway.

            Australian and UK versions are (almost always) absolutely identical. Their DLC is interchangeable, and quite often you'll open a UK version to find the disc still has the Australian rating logo on it.

              Yeah, its more that I'm just anal about my collection looking all nice with the Australian rating stickers on the covers ;)

                *Backs away slowly, not making eye contact*

                  Haha, with a collection of over 70 games the ones with different ratings logos stick out like dogs balls!

                  Its bad enough that SCEE can't decide on whether they want text or an image on the spine of their games, so I'm trying to keep some consistency.

    I'm expecting a full RRP pricetag on this one.

    eer whats the point when you cant continue from mass effect 1?

      It includes an interactive comic type thing which gives you the story from ME1, as well as allowing you to make the key decisions from ME1. So you can do that first, then get stuck into ME2 proper.

    I would like to see where the servers for the games will be and how reliable they are going to be...

    Considering the game will be 10-20GB they better hope to get some good servers out and about else it will take some time for most ppl to download a full 15GB game @ 1mb/s

      Probably be quicker and cheaper to just go to the shop and buy it on disc :P

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