Report: Modern Warfare 3 Coming In November, Spin-Off Delayed

Report: Modern Warfare 3 Coming In November, Spin-Off Delayed

If we’re getting a Modern Warfare 3 this November, it’s going to come at the cost of an Call of Duty spin-off from the head creator of Dead Space, the Los Angeles Times reported today.

Citing “people familiar with the situation”, the paper says that Infinity Ward, the studio behind the last two Modern Warfares isn’t going to get Modern Warfare 3 done alone. Parent company Activision is enlisting the help of its Sledgehammer Games and Raven studios to make the game.

Infinity Ward’s struggles are believable, given that the founders and dozens of key members of the studio were fired or quit late 2010. Modern Warfare games have usually taken two years to make and that kind of distraction would seem to have delayed such a schedule. Sledgehammer is a new Activision studio headed by two of the top creators behind the horror sci-fi series Dead Space, which is now made without them at rival company EA. Sledgehammer had been working on a Call of Duty of its own, one originally thought to be a third-person game but more recently touted as a first-person shooter. The Times reports that Sledgehammer is working on Modern Warfare 3’s singleplayer with Infinity Ward and that Raven, the studio behind many shooters and action games including last year’s Singularity, is helping with multiplayer.

Activision has clarified up none of this, but did tell Kotaku today that “There’s been much speculation recently. We look forward to releasing details for the next Call of Duty in the near future.”

Activision calls in reinforcements for next Call of Duty game [Los Angeles Times]


  • Yet another game I have absolutely no interest in. I will let all the haters, cheats, glitchers and whiny pricks have this one all to themselves.

    • if you have no interest in the game, and only bother to comment to let others no you have no interest, why comment? what a waste of time. go find another game where people will give half a shit what you have to say, and for their sake, make it a little more interesting than ‘another game i wont be interested in”. dud

  • Hahah no thanks, so many games coming out this year…all of which sound much better than another COD, especially a modern version (again).

  • How dare you people even suggest that you won’t buy yet another annual update of yet another milked-dry Activision frachise? That messes up their whole business model.

    Resistance is futile, you WILL be monetized.

  • I think Treyarch did a good job with Black Ops. And with these latest rumours, I think it might be the last of the great Call of Duty’s.


    • +1

      Best one since COD 4.. IW dropped the ball HARD with MW2, shocking amount of glitches & hacks and they barely listened to community concerns, ignored Treyarch’s matchmaking improvements from W@W, etc. Now that the core staff and creators of CoD have left Activision, anything the sad remains of IW create will probably be a steaming pile of doo doo.

      BlOps still has some way to go, but as I always say its a really balanced and overall quite polished game.

  • Yeah just shows how much they care about the game now. Really has turned to shit. They should focus on fixing the last two games before moving onto this one

  • Hmmmm, I’ll give the benefit of the doubt, purely on the basis that hopefully through this, better games are made from each separate production house

  • Personally I enjoyed Modern Warfare 2 above all other Call Of Duty’s. Black Ops campaign just didn’t cut it for me, it was too boring and short. Modern Warfare 2 was insanely epic and fast paced, the end level was dramatic, etc, etc. Black Ops was the total opposite and my graphics card can’t handle Black Ops multiplayer 😛 so I am sticking with Modern Warfare 2.
    Long Live Batt- er, Modern Warfare. Long Live Infinity Ward!

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