The 3DS Will Not Be Banned In China

The 3DS Will Not Be Banned In China

The Xbox 360 is banned in China. As is the PlayStation 3. In fact, most consoles are banned in the world’s most populous nation, with the exception of a select few. Like the Nintendo 3DS.

As it has with previous pieces of hardware – like the DS – Nintendo has been able to secure a Chinese release (through its partnership with iQue) for its upcoming gaming handheld, with the 3DS due out there in April.

It’ll be branded the iQue 3DS. The iQue DS had unique copy protection that meant Chinese games could only be played by Chinese systems (though Chinese systems could play everywhere else’s games); it remains to be seen whether the iQue 3DS will continue this practice.

裸眼3D掌机3DS将于四月后登陆我国及其他亚洲地区 [Gamrade]


  • Try telling the Chinese that PS3 or Xbox360 is banned. You can buy them on the grey market all over the place, with Xbox360’s pre-chipped if you want.

    I took my PS3 with me on a 6 month assignment, and customs didn’t even bat an eyelid.

    • What? You actually bother to declare anything to customs on the way in? I always tick nothing to declare and walk straight into the country =O

      I know what you are saying… hit up any electronic area’s and you can get them everywhere… bought my PSP 3000 over there last time… everyone was selling them! My wife (who is from china) was surprised to learn they were actually banned.

      But these are all gray imports, imported from HK by small operations. Sony and Microsoft cant officially supply or sell in China… but you wouldnt think it! Took me a while to understand thats why i didnt see any PSP / PS3 etc in best buy there…

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