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Competitive Pokemon has four main zones in North America, Europe, Latin America and the Asian-Pacific region, with countries such as Japan and South Korea running their own system. While that covers most of the world, it does leave a large gap on the map in the Middle East. This system leaves some players, such as Khalid Abdulla, in a difficult position.


If you don't care about 3D anymore -- and even Nintendo's interest in it seems to be fading -- then the New Nintendo 2DS XL is the absolute best model in Nintendo's line of portable gaming hardware. It's a shame the company makes adding new devices such a burden.

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The Nintendo Switch exists, and is a fantastic gaming system that you can, in a pinch, play in a bar, a car, or on the train. Phones exist too, and the games on them are better than ever. So why the hell should you own anything else? Because games. The Switch's library is still small, and smartphones still lack those games you can get lost in for days. So if you want a mobile system that can go anywhere and play some of the best games ever designed, you need something from the Nintendo 3DS family, which despite being seven years old, shows no signs of being at the end of its life any time soon.


Hey! Pikmin, you are a disappointing game. Kotaku features editor Chris Kohler and I recently discussed our disappointment in this week's 3DS/2DS adventure that neither of us has been compelled to complete. He's halfway, I'm earlier in and even with the help of Captain Olimar, we just can't find the old Pikmin magic.


Last weekend's North American International Championships had two big surprises: Not only did Australians sweep the tournament, a Snorlax dodged more than half a dozen chances to be paralysed or flinched. And, in classic Snorlax fashion, it won a tournament by eating.


This weekend's Japanese National Championships proves that competitive Pokemon plays almost like an entirely different game in the franchise's home country. While every Japanese top eight team had some common picks you might spot at other tournaments around the world, players made plenty of choices that are almost never seen anywhere else.