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Fifth grader Hibiki Sakai sent Nintendo a letter, thanking the company for its Rhythm Heaven games. Hibiki is blind, and these music titles are the only games he's really able to play. Nintendo replied to his letter in a most thoughtful way.


Pokemon Nova Sun and Umbra Moon is a mechanical rework of last year's big Pokemon releases meant to give fans a challenging Pokemon experience. Battles in this mod are tougher thanks to a combination of high levels, a more intense difficulty curve, and an AI that uses actual competitive strategies.


There's a special kind of beauty in tactics games. Navigating the intricacies of battle and bringing your soldiers home alive is a unique thrill; half puzzle, half bloodbath. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia excels in providing such thrills. Rich combat and a well-presented narrative drive a satisfying experience, even if it might be a little too bogged down by its many systems.


Here's a quick look at Ever Oasis, an upcoming 3DS game (June 24) that feels a whole lot like Fantasy Life. You run your own village and do lots of side-quests in a cute world with basic action-RPG combat. Seems fun!


Few video game systems have had as strange a journey as Nintendo's 3DS. The spunky portable console flopped, got a massive price cut, gradually built up a spectacular library of games, and received several bizarre (and confusing) hardware models throughout its six years on store shelves. And now, it's ditching its biggest selling point. Farewell, 3D.


It's night before the Dallas Regional Championships, and Drew Nowak is trying to squeeze in some practice with a last-minute Pokémon team. Despite not fully understanding the intricacies of the new team, he rises above hundreds and wins the entire tournament. A couple months later, he pulls a last-minute team off again and takes top four at the St. Louis Regional Championships.


In December of 2016, Nintendo launched a program with HackerOne, a service that provides bounties ranging from $US100 ($132) to $US20,000 ($26,430) for finding bugs and exploits, in order to stamp them out on the 3DS. This program has since been extended to the Switch, and so far has awarded three people with bounties. While some members of the Nintendo hacking community are frustrated by this, some of them see it as a good sign for the future of Switch hacking.


Last weekend's big Pokemon tournament in Australia saw many famous players, including two world champions, duking it out for the top title. Australian Zoe Lou, a player with no previous major finishes, stunned and thrilled the community by rising above competition. In doing so, she has become the first woman to win an international Pokemon event in the oldest age division.