The Gods Must Be Crazy To Forget About This Game

Capcom's upcoming Asura's Wrath was one of the big surprises out of last year's Tokyo Game Show. So surprising, in fact, the world has been shocked into forgetting all about it ever since.

Yet here it is, four months later, returning in a flurry of fisticuffs and religious symbolism.

It should be noted that it's not actually a Capcom game; the house of Mega Man and Resident Evil is merely on publishing duties, with development being handled by CyberConnect 2, a studio best known for its work on the .hack series. Or, more appropriately given the fact this is a hack-and-slash, for the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja games.


    Dammit, you had me thinking there was some kind of Gods Must Be Crazy game in the works.

      I as terribly disappointed.

      Best comedy ever!

      Headline = Playing with my feelings.

      Had some crazy thoughts on how they would do a game on that movie only to have them dashed in a flash.

    God of War of asia right?

    MORE! Show me more of this game! I -want- it!

    Now that i would certainly enjoy. Even the trailers, the character carries a sense of actual strength, as opposed to GoW series.
    Kratos seemed to be getting weaker and weaker with each game.. don't even start me on the ending of GoW3 =P

    Will remember this. Missed it's first unveiling.

    who needs greek gods when you can bash the shit out of giant stone buddhas

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