Think Indiana Jones, Only With Puzzles And Giant Hats

Fatshark, the developers behind the promising (and yet ultimately disappointing) Western shooter Lead & Gold, are back with a new title. And it's got nothing to do with cowboys. Instead, it looks to the great adventurers for inspiration.

Which adventurers? Well, with the fedora and jacket, a certain Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones Jr comes to mind. Only, this guy looks a bit more... posh.

Hamilton's Great Adventure is an upcoming puzzle title that makes co-op a central part of the game. There'll be more sedate puzzles, as well as something Fatshark calls "action puzzles", as the game has a slight platformer feel to it.

One player controls Ernest Hamilton, our hero adventurer, while the other controls his "brilliant bird" Sasha.

It's due out in April, for the PC and "consoles". Which given Fatshark's pedigree sounds like the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.


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