Is This Call Of Duty: Black Knights? No, It's War Of The Roses, The Multiplayer Bludgeon-er

Back at PAX East, Stephen Totilo spent some time with War of the Roses by Fatshark, a studio that unapologetically credits Call of Duty and Battlefield as inspirations in this ultra-throwback to combat shoot — uh, stabbers?

The game just released its E3 trailer and it showcases a very Hobbesian view of life in this game: nasty, brutish and short, albeit with respawning. Can't wait to jump on a horse and grief my teammates.

War of the Roses is going to E3. We are too. We'll see more of it then, I suppose!


    They'd better give us a god damned release date. I absolutely cannot wait for this game.

    Looks like a Mount and Blade Module, like, really really like one.

      That's basically the idea...

    Yep just looks like Mount & Blades' mutliplayer with slightly more polished art.

    I really hope those aren't the final animations...they can thrown all of the fancy shaders they want at the game, but if it moves strangely it's not going to look good.

    anyone who says its like mount and blade, that because its made by the the same people ...

      Really? Taleworlds and Fatshark don't seem to be related in any way.

    What was that Steam mod that was around a few years ago that was something like this? Knights, Pirates and Ninjas or someting?

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