War Of The Roses: When Mediaeval Face Stabbing Gets Real

War Of The Roses: When Mediaeval Face Stabbing Gets Real

This is a behind-the-scenes clip for War of the Roses, a team-based, third-person uh, stabber, in-development at Fatshark, with Paradox as the publisher. It’s basically a Middle Ages version of Battlefield: 1942 — up to 64 players can bang swords, shields and other pointy weapons together until someone falls over. Oh, it also features gratuitous face stabbing, which you can see in the clip above.

Along with snippets of gameplay, Fatshark senior producer Gordon Van Dyke and lead designer Mårten Stormdal take us through the history of the War of the Roses, visiting England’s Warwick Castle for a bit of feudal-style educating. It’s a lot more informative and interesting than a straight-up polygon-fest, but if you’re keen on those polys, it might not be for you. Except for the knife bit, which starts at the 3:30 mark.

War of the Roses Behind-the-Scenes Odyssey: Episode III [YouTube]


  • I’m actually quite excited for this, i really enjoyed Mount & Blade and Warband even if the graphics weren’t the greatest. game play wise i really got into it.

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