Bulletstorm Once Had Campaign Co-Op, But It "Broke Down" The Game

Bulletstorm Once Had Campaign Co-Op, But It "Broke Down" The Game

As an irreverent, dick-joking romp filled with guns and bloodshed, Bulletstorm would seem to be a natural for cooperative play in the game’s main campaign. It actually was much less than a perfect fit, said Epic Games’ design boss.

A cooperative campaign mode “was in there at one point and it actually worked,” Cliff Bleszinski told The Telegraph. But it worked on a technical level, not in a way consistent with what Epic and developer People Can Fly want players to get out of the game.

“We found that the game shifted from being this kind of puzzle shooter into essentially this downhill skiing simulator, where people were seeing how fast they could get to the bottom of the mountain,” Bleszinski said. “Really the game just broke down, and it was a situation where people would race through the game, ignoring the vistas and they wouldn’t set up as many skillshots.”

Removing campaign co-op let Bulletstorm add in huge set pieces “like the giant robotic dinosaur,” Bleszinski said, “or slow motion one-offs that could only occur in a single player game.”

In the rest of the interview, Bleszinski explains how Mega Man and Mortal Kombat inspired certain game features, and responds to the Fox News claim that Bulletstorm’s imagery would cause an increase in sexual violence.

Bulletstorm developer interview: Cliff Bleszinski [The Telegraph]


  • A little off topic, but the comments from fox reminded me…

    The aus version of bulletstorm is uncensored, yes? I seem to remember reading it here, but want to double check before I decide to buy it at retail or import it.

  • Problem is I would only be interested in playing this game co-op.
    Replaying again and again just to rack up points on a leader-board by yourself does not seem that fun to me.

  • I think they could have easily kept this in the game by simply making competitive co-op, where you tried to outscore your friends thus forcing you to go for higher scoring skill shots. Killing your way through Pandora in Borderlands was great fun in 4 player and this is something we will not be able to enjoy in Bulletstorm.

  • Did anyone else notice that, during the video that plays at the start of the demo, Australia and New Zealand are missing from the world map that shows world point rankings? Have they confirmed OZ dedicated servers?

  • Cause playing games such as Borderlands is boring in co-op.

    Without co-op in that, it wouldn’t be as fun. The only difference I could see between co-op Bulletstorm and Borderlands is in Bulletstorm you would be (secretly) competing for the higher score pretending you’re having a good ol’ time with your pal next to ya but taking it so seriously.

    In Borderlands, you do the same but for loot cause you really don’t want to share with your bud – even though its his campaign that you’ve joined in, you get selfish and take it all laughing it off as a joke but in the end keeping it.

    What can I say – I like loot!

  • FUN FACT: Bulletstorm is not Borderlands.

    Having played both, I can’t see how the comparison is justified, apart from the fact that you rack up a score.

    Bulletstorm awards points for killing in creative ways

    Borderlands awards points for firing your gun at enemies.

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